YOU NEED TO SEE THIS…Guerlain L'Essentiel Natural Longwear Foundation | Review & Demo – Trang review kem làm đẹp giúp bạn lựa chọn

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review kem age 20’s – Tổng hợp những video review về kem giúp bạn làm đẹp tốt hơn.

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YOU NEED TO SEE THIS...Guerlain L'Essentiel Natural Longwear Foundation | Review & Demo
YOU NEED TO SEE THIS…Guerlain L'Essentiel Natural Longwear Foundation | Review & Demo

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Chúc mừng #FoundationFriday – dùng thử Guerlain L’Essentiel Natural Longwear Foundation! Nếu bạn là người mới, hãy nhấn vào & đăng ký để được thông báo khi tôi tải lên ….

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Nichole Smith

New-ish subscriber here, discovering some of your older videos. My skin has changed and so have my foundation finish preferences, curious about more natural glowy finishes instead of matte. I have a sample of this in my collection of Sephora samples somewhere! Looks gorgeous on you.


I have the 00N, it is beautiful 🙂 and the cap came off of my bottle too, same as yours ^^

grace emma

Awesome. I love this video.! I just finish my luxury bag collection goals for this season. Thanks to , help me to realize my dream of this year. So many cheap items and such good quality. Just share to you all.

Kelleigh Bean

$39.50 on right now!

Brianna Carrillo

That glow tho!!!

Veronica Salas

You’re one of the only channels I’m subbed to that did a review on this foundation. I was really interested in it so I was disappointed that most reviewers, I was not subbed to so I don’t have experience with their results compared to me. In short, thank you, second time watching. 😊👍

sanaya dhawan

hello, please reply i’m very confused between this guerlain and makeup forever stick foundation , please tell which one is better as you have used both.


On my skin… this looks so heavy.. mine is real thick.. I’m wondering if mine is defective… lol

Béatrice Robert

Honestly this foundation is one of my favourites! It smells amazing and makes me feel soo boujee from the packaging to the formula 🥰 its worth all the moneyyy and its def long wearing and hydrating

This paired with the milk hydrogrip primer is just one of my favorite complexion for a dewy long wearing look~

Astrid Sierra

What happened with the pump? Did it get better after you started using it? I just bought this and noticed the same issue with the pump.


I low-key want this

Angeliki Tagari

Love it! Thanks for the review, this looks AMAZING

cecelia moreno

I love their fragrances and compact powders so I am going to try this foundation

Gretchen Cook

I LOVE this one. Your skin looks amazing.

what everr

Oo 😍😍😍 mama like….

Lisa Grasby

I am ordering this because of u I never spend that much in foundation but I love dewy foundation and am gonna add a dewy primer too for more glow and no power hope it works for me like it worked for u

Nataly Rog

Is this foundation oily skin friendly??


I love how it looks on you!.. I just got mine from Sephora and I agree it has like a weird smell to it


I purchased this foundation from Guerlain immediately after it was available on Sephora, and I haven’t used anything since. I use very little product, less than a pump, and blend with my fingers. I conceal, modestly, with Dior Forever Skin Correct Concealer in 1.5N. I add my cream blush and bronzer, and lightly set with the Hourglass loose powder, or bareminerals hydrating mineral veil. For reference I’m 45 with combination skin.

I have combo skin, and the lasting power of this is terrible on me. It won't even last 8 hours with out breaking down and going patchy, esp. on my chin — that's using a longwear primer, setting with a powder, and a setting spray. It does have a pretty luminosity though, but it's way not worth the price for me. Sad, because it's a great shade match.

Mariam Zaidi

Would you be able to zoom in a lot more? I love watching your makeup application, but it’s so zoomed out that it’s hard for me to see any of the details. xoxo love your vids!

Irina Ermolaeva

Taylor you should wear more golden accessories, it really suits you so well . ❤️

kayla M

Your videos never show in my feed! Frigggg