Why Don't People Buy Sony Smartphones? – Trang review son môi uy tín nhất

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sony 1 review – Video review son môi dành cho bạn.

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Why Don't People Buy Sony Smartphones?
Why Don't People Buy Sony Smartphones?

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Dòng Sony Xperia tuyệt vời hơn bất kỳ con số bán hàng nào cho thấy! Xperia 5 ii: Xperia 5 ii với tai nghe: ….

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G. Chris

First and last Sony phone I owned was the Z3 Compact. Had the screen replaced about 6 times due to discoloration.

So, yeah, that's my reason.


I don't even use many advanced camera features, although I'm also not a selfie guy so don't mind the lower quality front camera. I got a Z5 Premium years ago (was the first ever 4k screen on a phone) – it stopped working around a year ago and I got a Xperia 5 (Which is a great value point as it has most of the high end features). Sony is always the first to make huge innovations in their phones, far earlier than apple and samsung, additionally them deciding against the notch pushed me to buy another Sony phone. Even for a normal user, they offer a great experience, I'll probably be buying a sony phone every 3 or 4 years as long as they make them.

Sayfur Rahman

Real question is why do Sony create them

Lena Hom

Just got an ad for the Galaxy S21 in the middle of this video. I used to have a Sony smartphone for years and loved it so much, I feel kinda sorry for them

IshouI ;_;

I have samsung and Sony and iPhone just to piss people off. Which better

Up Signed

2:23 it means any body can take ur sim or card onthe go.

People Like Us

I want one.

amaresh dash

because of the hardware quality i don't use sony products


I had a Z3v back in 2014~ and I loved the phone, when it came time to upgrade I only switched to samsung because of the third party support like cases and stuff.

this phone is soo good. i want it so badly dude.. i really feel for sony. people completely forgot them

mike saccoccio

Why don't we buy Sony phones!? Cuz literally NO CARRIERS CARRY THEM! lol and not all of us have deep pockets like you do.


that's why I stop reading Japanese book talking about factory management, 5S…. whatever they called it….

John Doe

2:54 'Nothing is free in this world Jake'

Talha Munir

Their naming scheme is also a big issue. You can't tell what their current flagship model is just by the name. HTC, LG, Motorola, all have this same issue. How hard is it to stick to one name? Why rebrand your flagship series name everytime hoping this will be the game changer?

Je Rome

I tried sony smartphone few years ago. The battery is not good. And now, their flagship only have 4000 mAh.

Jacob Warren

It looks so skinny and long ew. Rip 16×9 aspect ratio.

Frank Gruber

This is the best review and explanation I have ever seen.


Because Sony sucks

Melchi Zedeq

An even better question would be:
What kind of person buys a SOny phone?
Camera freaks?

Melchi Zedeq

2:43 Why the hell I´ve never noticed bout this combo???
Damn Sony!!!

Yuan Chao

Not reliable. Had many android phones.
For me, Huawei, LG, and multiple Sonys, none can withstand my heavy daily usage as a travel around sales agent. Samsung and Xiaomi are the two of the much more sturdy brands in comparison, based on my experience.

Rupam Medhi

There was a time when i prefered sony after HTC then comes samsung.. the former 2 lost in time..

Fares Fs

Only Sony

Vinh Quang Hoang

I used to have a Sony Xperia XZ that i used for about 3.5-4 years. Near the end of 2020 i got hit by a car and the phone broke. I have to look for a replacement and to my surprise and dissapointment, mid price range Sony Xperia doesnt really exist in my country anymore, at least none from Sony itself. It's just mostly high end phones that i just dont want to spend all that $ for. It's kinda sad tbh, i really like Sony phones but it isnt avaiable for me.


Another reason: These phones are ridiculously expensive. Their flagships cost almost twice the price of other phones.

Oof, if I wasn’t an Apple user, this is the phone I would want, but my entire technological experience is centered around Apple, so a switch would be difficult

Aswin Rajesh

I love sony products but High price in India


Im buying sony phones now


omg, i remember having a sony xperia and my mother would buy me music, i legit have like 16 gb of pure deadmouse5

Juan Masday

Lenovo,Asus,LG,Sony still my brand!

nithin jith

Sony parts have high rate in india

Dora Metsudo

Hmm..the design maybe..


I use Sony since xperia arc s, their phones is strong and amazing. It worth every penny, try it and you wont regret.

Tohafri Ro

on my switch back from windows phone back to android as wp died (around 2017) I looked into Sony Phones. But back then they had the round Standby-Button that was really ugly. and since then I've never looked into Sony again because I just had never seen any ads or sth again

Faiz Suria

I used to have Sony smartphone before. Why I dont buy this… Because i think the price is too high. Expected because of the bell & whistles thrown in. But I do not want any sophisticated camera or video settings. The screen and the audio is enough to convince me. Plus the speed and storage. Hehehe

Ivan Tirado

They're fairly hard to find in the US. Even if you do find them, it's usually the older models or it takes ages for the new/cool model to get here (if at all), or they send a nerfed version. It's like they don't want to sell it, so we don't buy.

Ed Four

Wait there's other phones other than one that's start with an I or S?

Powered by Pen

if it comes with free SONY PS5 people will. 🙂

Piotr Zwara

@Marques Brownlee, what breed is your dog? 🙂

I'm watching this with my sony xz premium


SONY lost money on their smart phones long time ago but they still and alway put more investment on researching new tech that alone deserve respect as for company like apple and samsung most of their investment goes to advertisement i haven't see a single sony commerical for smart phones in the US


… er. I just found my next phone. Thankyou Mark-ass. That's hot. 😂

dan theman

Xbox users dont buy sony crap !!!!!

Gerard Wamar

them: wait sony still make phones??

LG: first time?

AleJunco 69

I loved the sony xperia i had a t2 i think? And it was one of my favourite phones, but they stopped selling them in my country