This speaker is CRAZY LOUD! – Sonos One Gen 2 – Trang review son môi uy tín nhất

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sonos 1 review – Video review son môi dành cho bạn.

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This speaker is CRAZY LOUD! - Sonos One Gen 2
This speaker is CRAZY LOUD! – Sonos One Gen 2

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Satveer Degun

Bass and treble can be set in the settings, then use tru sound to get it sounding perfect


Bass is rolling off … it’s garbage bass. I can hear it on my headphones lol


Loudness is not clarity… lol “it’s loud”

Mr Meme

Alright video review just wish the speaker had some lighting because even the cheap made in China speakers have awesome lighting and also sound very loud. Maybe you just spent too much money on the name. I have a pet speaker penguin the size of a little bigger than a half dollar us coin and it's just as loud and sounds good and looks better for like 20 bucks and you can carry it on key chain or around your neck like a necklace Chillin like a penguin.

The_ Master

I have the set of speakers
The Sonos beam
And the woofer
Man o man it’s amazing when put all together really recommend it

The_ Master

Maybe you know this by now but you can adjust the base on it

Yeppy 01

If you place one in the bathroom while you shower, wouldn’t the moist damage the Sonos overtime?

The One

you are such a moron. OF COURSE i OWN A IPHONE, ist that a muss be? or why do you say A-L-E-X-A? and you are buyng something, that you dont know much about.

Ivan Lara

how to waste 11.05 of ur time, this video is trash holymolly


Just asking – i have my Marantz MC R611 amps do u think this gen 2 sonos will match to my amplifier? How much is the cost for this sonos gen2 speakers
Thank you


its 1700 danish kroner in Denmark

Nick Lim

A perfect example of a casual review. Lol


So the gen2 can connect to the Sonos beam ?

Miguel Lopes

Rap sucks. UK rap is an insult to the country who gave us Rock, Metal and Punk.

The sub is crazy loud

elite kill

best review…….sound good and very loud drake music!

Andrew Campbell

Sonos move is amazing sounding speaker with great portability and is wireless so will work in yet bathroom

jhon herrera

Those speakers are trash difficult to connect over price they are not a good investment they are trash

Will BBD

It hurts me everytime dude say amazon. A,l,e,xa

maureen boundry

you might want to research the item your going to demo first you muppet


your a headache bitch 🙄🙄

Tobias Christensen

You have to turn op your bass in the app


Get two of them and a bar and a Apple TV and they will sound amazing.

fausti rosario

talk to much

Mill Maroon

he shouts more that allowing viewers to listen how the audio feels, looks like from his wide mouth he swallowed couple of it!

maksi maksimov

U can use it with android right?lol.


Whered you get that knife from? Looks cool 👍🏽

Why would you need a subwoofer etc. to make a home theater when these are so damn pricey. Just buy a regular home theater system. It's more reliable and is made for that purpose.

Gene Ross

Can bass be augmented using Sonos app?