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The Truth About Origins
The Truth About Origins

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Laura Mendoza

I got this mega mushroom lotion because my face was irritated and dry. Sounded amazing! I’ve been using it for two weeks, feels good on my face and thought it was calm my skin. But it has not, it’s actually seems to be getting worse. I went to the park and was under the sun for about 30 min, OMG! My face turn so red and warm to the touch! Now I know why because of your video!! Cant thank you enough! Stopping it ASAP!

Joseph Smith

Damn Bitch 🐕… you totally rock 🪨 in this video 🎥‼️


I wanted to watch your video but you talk to fast and I can’t get past your cursing. Why??? What does cursing add to the education you are trying to get across to your viewers? I won’t be watching any more of your videos!!!

H. Shakur

Relax okay


Hyram, I suggest you take a deep dive and educate yourself about the benefits of essential oils and their many healthy benefits before making the claims you do. There are numerous scientific studies that show that parabens are endocrine disruptors and mess with your hormones. This has been proven. Your claim that the amounts used are insignificant is not accurate. The issue is that using products with this and other harmful chemicals in small amounts over time overwhelm your body's ability to purge these from your system and cause a whole cascade of effects, ultimately make you sick as well as creating the sensitivities you repeatedly mention. Also, the fragrance issue is related to synthetic fragrances not essential oils… : ) If you want to find out more about what is good and bad about ingredients in personal care products, I recommend you go to

ninnin Phanloet

Lol when I wash my face with a bar of soap


My skincare routine for the 7 years. And i wonder why I've developed contact dermatitis

Katerina Gundar

Have to say, I’ve bought once Ginzing moisturiser (hydrating energy boosting cream) and Zero oil toner to try out few years ago. Well, let’s just say it had soooo much fragrance and the toner had soooo much alcohol in it that I just haven’t use it on my face. This cream is great for feet and legs, the toner is great if you have little cuts on your skin or pimples to disinfect the area. Overall, bad experience. And I even don’t have sensitive skin! But my eyes were watering cause of fragrance… too intense. Usually I enjoy good settle fragrance from Chanel or YSL creams, for me they just works great, but Origins for me is a big “no no no” ☝🏻


Mega Mushroom Treatment Lotion cleared my cystic acne up, but my eyes are burning and I finally have put 2 and 2 together that this product is irritating my eyes by just being on my skin. So annoyed about that oils!

Jamie Yayme

I live their charcoal mask. Lots of clay based masks are A ok for my dry areas, but hey folks, PSA approaching. Listen to your skin. You don't need to apply a drying mask all over, or a hydrating mask all over. I usually put a clay mask on my chin and forehead, and a hydrating mask on my cheeks, around eyes, if it's a gentle enough mask that doesn't say to avoid eyes, and any other dry spots (tip of my nose gets dry in winter too) so combine your masks on different spots! I have origins clay on my oily spots, and fresh rose face mask on my dry areas. Love em.

Red_ Delphino

So happy the first product I purchased from Origin is one you approve of 😁 I'm working on my skin .


Checks and balances is literally the BEST face wash I've ever used! You could be using the cleanest products and still have reactions… maybe my skin wants essential oils and fragrance..

Magda Vallarino

Its the best eye cream ever, it does depuff the under eye and has a color correcting great formula


I love how you always provide alternatives and why! SOOO helpful! I love your channel. I've learned so much and was initially intimidated to start trying to fix my skin. I'm slowly forming a routine that works for me and you have helped tremendously. Thank you!

sarah owens

Please do the Kiehl's Powerful Strength Line reducing eye serum!

Cooking with Farhana

Good information


I don't understand, how can you talk about skin care brand and mention recycling and "good for the planet" stuff, if the product works, who cares if their package is recycled or not?


What are your thoughts on the origins tinted moisturizer?

Andrea Labossiere

This is so sad because I just invested in the Origins products 🙁


I worked for ORIGINS 25 years ago, a sister had to sling some products to pay for college. I was a clerk on up to a manager for 5+ years. The products are almost all different from the originals. The prices are also 3x's higher than they used to be. While I'm glad the brand has grown, always remember this is a sister company in Estee Lauder. Originally created as a passion project for one of the Lauder's who was all in on green, natural, etc. once it caught on, they started discontinuing their core (amazing) products and replacing them with subpar products. Sad to see they didn't stay true, I loathe when brands don't stay true to their core mission.

Sam Ayala

I just spent 30$ on origin products cuz I thought Hyram liked them and now I can’t return them 👁💧👄💧👁


So can you give a list of your very favorites please.


“ THE truth about JAFRA


Have you heard of JAFRA? You should check it out! I wonder what you think about them !!


Are you actually dyslexic

Sheila M. Durazo

You didn't offer a recomedation to use for an eye cream.


When you search for Zombies Origins and I'm actually watching this now

June Playz

Hyram’s Favorite Word: Any form of the word “high”


The truth about Shea moisture please

Karuna Mukkamalla

I love origins so far. I got a set for christmas with the ginzing products and i like the moisturizer, eye cream, cleanser, and tinted spf that adapts to your skin tone. Everyone's skin is different lol


I have been using the pore clay mask for years and I love it. But I recently bought Ginzing into the Glow serum and now I am wondering if that product is ok. Ahh.


Yessss i recently got the origins charcoal mask and u said its was good for ur skin and one of the best products im so happy i didnt jus waste 24$ . Someone put me on with a better ingredients mask for acne pores and oiliness.

Melissa F. Castellon

do "truths about LUSH cosmetics skincare"


I'm talking about zombies


O-O I … My cousin got me origins travel set, like the tiny bottles, for Christmas. I just started using it ;-; I don’t wanna throw it away ;0; AAAHHHH


The Origins Charcoal face mask turned my face bright red. Got an intense allergic reaction from it.

TB Lightning Bolt

Alitura is brand you need to review if you are serious about the natural skin care segment. Origins is for the masses. Alitura is higher quality, better sourced and therefore more expensive. Andy Hnilo is the hands on owner and I bet you could interview him is you are really serious about learning about the lineup vs learning by google and guessing.

TB Lightning Bolt

It’s about how deep in the sand you want to stick your head and how selfish you want to be. If You don’t care if animals have to live a life in extreme pain for your skin care. You are wrong on essential oils in a broad sense. Different skin types and oils.