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review of kemper insurance – Tổng hợp những video review về kem giúp bạn làm đẹp tốt hơn.

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The Kemper Profiling Amp - A Full Review (Pros & Cons)
The Kemper Profiling Amp – A Full Review (Pros & Cons)

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Mua nó trên Sweetwater – (liên kết liên kết) Đây là bài đánh giá amp hồ sơ Kemper đầy đủ của tôi. Tôi đi qua những ưu và nhược điểm của đơn vị này cũng như ….

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Dylan Brisbane

Profile a Fender Mustang GT lol

Angry Machine

You realize you don't have to have the volume up during the amp being profiled right?

music channel

Pedals 1073 kemper

Chris Roubis

Bloody fantastic instructional video on the Kemper Shane.. thanks mate.


If you had an amp with a send and return loop and didn't have to mic the kemper up could you disconnect the speaker in the amp and let the profiler run without getting all the noise?

Dynamic Hypnotic

But what about playing it through a tube amp…like a 4 cable type thing?

Adam Mark

Thanks so much for the review and final thoughts Shane! So many demos miss that part 🎉💯👌


For some reason the sound reminds me of getting an mri

The Platinum Pearls

Thanks for all the pros and cons. I hate it when all you hear is how awesome something is. Then you buy it and it has cons that make you regret your purchase. Love your honestly in all your videos.

Paul Muwadeeb

Why aren't all these profiles already in it? Or am I missing something?


A high end sampler for an astronomical price!


What happens if you profile a pedal and then use the Kemper between the guitar and your amp in place of the pedal? What would that sound like?


Scary. Exact

Michael McConville

A hair cut ahahahaaha


I pray for the person who has to profile a Fender 400PS.

I'm not even religious.

Darren Clewes

Question: do you have the profiled amp on full volume for this?

TheBlues Ine

Thats some weird shit… Final produxt sounds great though. Problem is, you need access to the amps you want too profile, !!! And for $3500 for just the main unit, I can get an awsome tube head and cab for that much…

Mako Next

5:10 alien audiobook. very nice content

Larry Mar

Do I understand this correctly: The Kemper only creates profiles of amps? And if you want to use your favorite analog "stereo" pedal then you are out luck because you can only use their built-in effects? I am confused because I thought this was some super "modeling" amp that could capture EVH and SRV tones with one click of button. Doesn't look like anything I would want.


why does profile have to be at loud volume? Poweramp tone ?


how come the profiling process has to be heard? just don´t get it…


wonderful technology indeed … just great

Neptune Vibe

Your guitar is slightly out of tune old man.. did you noticed?

Neptune Vibe

You should use 2 mics dude … in different positions and mixing them.. also you can use also 3 but usually I use 2 with very good results.. Satan is with us don't worry!

Neptune Vibe

You are talking too much dude about other things.. come on.. let's go with it.. what the actual hell.

Sonnet Gomes

Great review. Amazing how far technology has come. I wonder though, if you wanted to have the Distortion to 12 o-clock position, would you need to re-profile the Bandit? Or is the Kemper e smart enough to emulate the low gain settings. I see you had the distortion at maxed out at 11 while you were profiling the bandit..

Kirby Nils

Shane.. How bout a link to the mic. I'm a banjo player and I'm looking for something like this to mic my banjo

Shredding 51

Can you not use this in front of a 4×12? Does it have a built in power amp?


My profiling kemper amp takes all pedals fantastically so I don't know what your talkin about Mr Shae


Color me silly but I prefer the real thing hands down every time.


Good for demos? If I'm paying 2k for an amp, it better be my main studio rig.