Sony Xperia X Performance Review – is it worth $700? – Trang review son môi uy tín nhất

Có phải bạn đang muốn tìm chủ đề review sony x performance phải không? Có phải bạn cũng đang tìm hiểu về chủ đề Sony Xperia X Performance Review – is it worth $700? đúng không? Nếu đúng như vậy thì mời bạn xem bài viết về chủ đề này ngay sau đây nhé.

review sony x performance – Video review son môi dành cho bạn.

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Sony Xperia X Performance Review - is it worth $700?
Sony Xperia X Performance Review – is it worth $700?

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Đánh giá & xếp hạng đầy đủ: | Mua tại Amazon: Xperia X Performance có giá để cạnh tranh với các flagship cao cấp nhưng nó có xứng đáng với mức giá 700 đô la đó? Tìm trong bài phê bình của chúng tôi! Nói về Android trong diễn đàn của chúng tôi: Đăng ký kênh YouTube của chúng tôi: ————————————- ————— Giữ kết nối với Android Authority: – – – – – Theo dõi Nhóm: Josh Vergara: Joe Hindy: Lanh Nguyen: Jayce Broda: Gary Sims :..

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bule berry

4 years later its $100 and Ima buy it!

Kristoffer Varas

we all laughed at the price, now phones are 1000$


I bought it for $93 from AliExpress 😀


i had this phone for almost a year or two and at the end my phone was really bad, it was really laggy and it froze often, and it was overheating often and it had pixel burned in. not to mention my sensor was broken, everytime i called someone my screen turned black and i couldn't do anything even if i pressed the power button. i had to wait for the other person i was calling to hang up.

Cody Williams

@4:00 you should pay extra for the 1080 screen since its a BENEFIT to have rather then the ones that are 4X the resolution and waste power. Waste for phones to have anything more.

The Archy

Gaming is laggy on this device, try lineage 2 or pubg. (2019)

Hablo Vevo

is camera better then moto g5 plus?

Rizwankhan Khan'g

Kia koi Bata sakta Hy admin ya koi bh k x performance men duble Sim lag sakti Hy?
Agaar lag.sakti Hy to kesy?

Plzz rply personal

Son Goku

What if Sony and Microsoft teamed up to make a phone?

Moiz Ali

Watchinh it on a sony x perfomance

Abdul Haseeb

X porfomance have finger print sensor I have xperia x performance

Miriam Bergeret

I really don't recommend that you ever purchase anything from Sony Ericsson.

I've had the Xperia X Performance for 1.5 years and it is the worst piece of technology I have ever owned.

Right out of the box it had problems! I plugged in the headphones that came with it, and all I got was crackling – same problem with any headphones I inserted into the headphone jack it NEVER worked.

Next, the power button issue. After only a few days, the power button stopped working intermittently – so then you can't turn the phone on and off, you can't restart it, you can't take screenshots – basically it becomes an expensive hunk of metal.

Not to mention the constant lag, constant problems connecting to wifi, the camera regularly crapping out. Then it started periodically losing battery charge very quickly for no reason!! This was eventually fixed with an update and restart (although it does continue to happen every once in a while). Now it has problems just charging and plugging in – there's something wrong with the microUSB port – basically, since the very second I got the Xperia X Performance, it has been breaking down!

I need a reliable phone for my business and in case of emergencies, at all times. And the Xperia X Performance, which Sony promised to be so amazing, is the most useless thing I have had to own.

I would never buy anything from Sony again. Their products are faulty, do not work, have crappy manufacturing, no doubt unethical practices, and absolutely no support!!

Happy Cake

stupid ppl cant. u look at the nice clear pictures it takes! its a 24 mega pixel camera way better than stupid samsung and i phone. this phone is the best with the most clear screen and best camera with best focus. I have one and i love it.HATERS ONLY HATE IT CUZ ITS EXPENSIVE AND THEY CANT AFORD IT. my reviw for this is over five stars very solid phone.dont listen to this video man.


Can someone tell me which phone I must buy,Sony Z5 Compact or Sony X Performance?

Mock Nugget

this phone in refurbished condition in 2018 is just under 100$

꧁ ꧂

Got it for 360€

Aznan Putra Waluya

Fingerprint not available in U.S., My version from Japan (SOV33) has fingerprint on it.

Wan Mohd Azlan


Fina Juagpao

Its has a fingerprint sensor.


he is just whining

Trygve Evensen

My device has got water damaged 3 times already, and they have not fixed it yet, too bad it can't handle being cleaned lightly under the sink😑

Jin Kazama

The animosity of this reviewer for all Xperia that he reviews is telling

Suzy Hatem

I bought the phone it's amazing and still functioning very well

Bernhard Pi

It has fingerprint sensor 😀

Ravi Sankar

It's really cheap these days though.

Rafael Labrador

I'm a Sony fan, but I have to agree this phone is oover priced.

Sam Kane

Show how much you kno budi hav this phone and I hav fingerprint scanner to un lock my phone

Vamsi Krishna

I love this device

Roberto Inostroza

My X Performance have a fingerprint sensor.

Singgih Photoworx

why he said this device dosn't have fingerprint sensor??
owh…. i see, it is disabled on US.
so, which is correct?? US doesn't allow fingerprint? or sony doesn't give fingerprint?

Trygve Evensen

I like my Xperia X Performance, but it overheats so fast, sometimes it overheats after a couple of minutes, but I can never film more than 6 min😑 Recently I have also noticed that it starts to lag sometimes, like REALLY bad! (5 fps or something like that, sometimes after 30 sec of recording)
And it got water damaged after having it 20 cm under water for 30 seconds, so I sent it in for service, haven't tested if it is waterproof after I got it)

Honestly I dont know why I wrote this😛

Vamsi Krishna

It's really worth it. Look how crazy it looks

That One Sim Racer

i got one and there is fingerprint sensor


man you suck, Sony rules

rafa nada



Now it's 299 on amazon.

Lance Domhoff

It's a awesome phone just because it's different doesn't mean it's bad. Think before you do a review and you might make better video.


No NFC chip, but ANTENA.


I bought a brand new Sony Xperia Performance X for a 300$, however it won't detect any Sim Card, the tray is very weak. I had to return it.

Annas Zukhra

your hand shaky

Rorschach Daws

I don't care what people say about sony phone…i love this phone so much


The X performance DOES have a fingerprint sensor!


It does actually have a fingerprint senser go onto Settings the finger print is the power button


wrong. fingerprint sensor is disabled. easily reactivated

Norman Eshuchi

So I am watching this review with an X Performance Dual Sim right here, and really…. It is not that bad. Matter of fact. It is a great phone. This has basically been a rant as to why Sony didn't try and create an insane phone. But for everyday use, the Xperia is perfect. It just works


I can buy this for Aus$350. Worth it?

Walter Ritchey

I hate all the comments in reviews and the comments about price. This phone can currently be picked up under $400 new off Amazon. And the ZX can be had for around $450 down from their $700ish initial price points. That being said, how does that change views on this phone? I think it's a great phone for the money, but it's hard to find a review that isn't totally biased by the day 1 MSRP.


i love sony product i'm a real Sony Fans haha
this phone is amazing !

Does sony xperia x has any difference from sony xperia x performance or is it the same model?