Sony A7R IV review: 61 megapixels of pure power – Trang review son môi uy tín nhất

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sonny g review – Video review son môi dành cho bạn.

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Sony A7R IV review: 61 megapixels of pure power
Sony A7R IV review: 61 megapixels of pure power

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Ngoài độ phân giải cao nhất có sẵn trong máy ảnh kỹ thuật số full-frame, A7R IV có chất lượng hình ảnh tuyệt vời, các chế độ lấy nét tiên tiến và các tùy chọn video phong phú. Đọc toàn bộ câu chuyện của chúng tôi trên Engadget: Get More Engadget: • Thích chúng tôi trên Facebook: • Theo dõi chúng tôi trên Twitter: • Theo dõi chúng tôi trên Instagram: • Đọc thêm:..

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Steven Reese

Its 50 mph, it over heats, crap, Sony is not a camera manufacturer, they are electronics consumer company g

Mazharul Talukdar

Thank you for the descriptive video. Helped a lot

Nitrobuz Ae

Great review. Much appreciated.


It’s so hard to beat the simplicity, ease and convenience of an iPhone for basics with access to so many great editing apps

DSLR’s are dead to me now

Prakash D jr

Now talk peasants..


"If you can afford it".

Léo Martins

daqui a pouco o renato compra tambem

DeAn H

Even with Cannon on the market id always go with a Sony, they're simply unbeatable, especially when it comes to realistic images with realistic colour, stabilisation, and definitely motion, also not to mention their product attention to detail weather it be cameras or tvs, they always deliver

Warren Lange

Good review

KGX Photo and Film

I just did 836 photos with one battery and still had 42% left. (With A7R4)


stopped watching at 4k30 … where is 4k60??????? sony!?

Sonia D

My biggest disappointment with this camera is that it lacks automatic focus bracketing. This is a useful feature for macro photographers. I would have bought a Nikon mirrorless if I had known about this deficiency. Come on Sony bring out a software update please.

David Centaura

The menu is not bad, dont be discouraged by that.


India price sir

Haseena v

Rate? In indian rupee

vincent cycle

eos r5 is waving.

40 year old Asian Guy

The detail on this camera is amazing. Just look at all the the different colors captured in a photo. Never seen that type of color seperation before

Your photos sucked big time, the whitebalance was way off


the higher megapixel cameras require nerves of steel and excellent muscle memory. if not on a tripod, 61mpx will bring alot of blur. IBIS and lens image stabilization only do so much. if you're not willing to adjust your tecnique, you're going to think its a garbage camera.

Tony Ke

I don't know if anyone else also finds this true, but what I find about this camera that's easiest is its user system friendliness. I didn't seem to have trouble at all trying to find what I need to adjust for my shots. Maybe because I'm an organized person?

Noni ps

Aside from the incredible 61 megapixels, I don't see anything else that would make me shed another 3k to get this camera, every other basic spec is at par with even my 90D and most R Canon series. For a casual photographer or hobbyist no need. For a professional its something to consider, if the investment is justified depending of what you already have. Great camera though.

Sam D'Cruz

its good for the occasional 4K video shoot?? … its a beast for 4K video…

Felipe D Soto

And the the Canon r5 shows up! Get out of the way sony!

Arul Selvan

Sony chated me 2 times. How can buy one more?