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alpha 7 sony review – Video review son môi dành cho bạn.

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Sony A7 – Review in 2019!
Sony A7 – Review in 2019!

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Đánh giá Sony A7 thế hệ đầu tiên, được công bố vào năm 2013. Hãy đặt câu hỏi về hiệu suất của nó vào năm 2019! Đánh giá Sony a6500: ….

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How does it compare to the A7 Mark II? Check out my latest video –

Hi I have one Sony alpha7 lice-7 without image stabilization and I’m looking for one all in one lens for every day stuff… what to choose?
I’m looking to Sony 24-240 mm Fe or TAMRON 28-200mm F/2.8-5.6 Di III RXD Sony E/FE
What do you think is better for my camera?
Thanks for your help

Jaime Treviño

i´m also new on photography, i would like to buy a camera (1,200dlls max ) i need a balance between photogrphy and video, i would like to rec advertising videos and product photos but also social photography… Can you guys recommend me some good model??? thx a lot! and sorry about my english

I need your advice! Canon EOS M6 Mark II is now at almost the same price than old Sony Alpha 7.
I use it for both still photos (portrait) and moving models (fashion). Never for video. Which one would you choose? Any other option you can recomend on same price range? Thank you very much!

Sikandar Khan

Here's an example of filming with Sony A7. Enjoy the broll

Katajna Kta

Nie zrozum mnie źle ale ten angielski tak razi że nic nie idzie zrozumieć 😱 Mógłbyś nagrać po polsku?

ebru sozbilir

Is an a7 camera or an iPhone 11 can take a good photo?

Ayoub HD


I Farted On Stream

In Australia .. 2020 this camera still cost AUD$1500


XD ale polaczkowy akcent

Phat Doan

I have a Canon 800D, you think the A7 is good to buy and use in 2020

Emil Stanke

wez gosciu lepiej juz mow po polsku…..

kerem bilgin

Thanks for the great video mate! You can also read the detailed real-life experience of Sony a7:

Damir Sadikovic

Its £699 with a spare battery and a 50mm 1.8 lens and bag at Jessops… I had to buy one.

Paul O

Sony should make an update of the A7 in the same lightweight body without IBIS, but with a new sensor, EVF and autofocus.

Paublo Zuluagaa

Hello friennnnnnnd



Thanks for your video. I just bought it today at half the price of a Sony APS-C both in store with warranty.

I have a Canon 5D Classic, you think the A7 is good to buy and use in 2019, or just don't bother? How would you compare them?

sanch Sanchayan

This is still a good enough camera for a few years. I would say use your camera for at least 4 years and get your money out before upgrading.


Got mine for £425 5k on the shutter

Kusco Llama

My brother gave me his A7! I love it and after lots of practice and changing the settings to my taste, I am very happy with it. It is great with new lenses as well as vintage ones.

Daniel Trageser

I dont know if i should buy the 77d with kit lens for 700 $ or the a7 with lens for 820$


The focus problem in the dark comes mostly from your shitty lens

Matias Bertuzzi PH

Thanks for the review! I was hoping to get one of this cameras because it's the cheapest mirrorless in the market. My question is the following: did you use the kit lens for portrait photography? I was hoping to use it in 70mm f5.6 but I'm not pretty sure about the quality of the results, specially regarding creamy bokeh compared to my current canon 24-70 f2.8

nobby styles

i just bought one and thinking of sending it back. i already have a sony bridge that shoots jpegs and films 50p in 1080 and this isnt much better really. yes it shoots raw stills but theres a fall off in low light which is whaat i got it for. plus im only gaining 10fps over the bridge camera……. but still, yes still i am in the alpha club with a full frame mirrorless. and it fits on my ronin sc nicely at this weight so………… tuff choice…… the only real upgrade as a working camera for me is the gh5 so maybe ill wait.

lorenzo Coopman

Can you use it for wedding photography? or is it too noisy?

Maaan I'd love to get this.. but I'm already pretty invested in the Nikon world

Kk Yy

Thank you for a7 reviews! It’s hard to find videos about a7.. so I need some help! I’m using 28-70mm F3.5-5.6 oss and about to buy sel24105g F4. Is there anyone who use a7+24105g lens? I’m worrying because of outfocusing (F4)


Thank you for your review

русский чтоли? уж больно английский кривой и с русским акцентом

Stunnaful Photos

Nice video. If you had a GMaster lens or some other prime lens the image results would have been time times better. 😊

Aron Williams

Thanks there’s not many videos open a7
I had mine for a very decent price

Jean-Paul Voets

A very nice video, In Holland this camera now cost Euro 777 with free extra battery.

Four Two Zero


Hi! Need some help, guys)
I'm thinking about camera for myself to shoot landscapes mostly. Already have several manual lenses. Is used a7 worth to buy, or go with a6300/6D/oly e-m10iii?

Elijah Tichborne

Hey need someones opinion. I have a a6500 been shooting my wifes soccer games with the 18 to 135 and 55 to 210. But i wanna get into real estate photographer. I want a full frame and have been thinking of getting a used a7. Would this be a bad idea. Or is the full frame worth it?