Sonos Play 1 – Wireless Home Speaker – REVIEW – Trang review son môi uy tín nhất

Có phải bạn đang muốn tìm chủ đề play 1 sonos review phải không? Có phải bạn cũng đang tìm hiểu về chủ đề Sonos Play 1 – Wireless Home Speaker – REVIEW đúng không? Nếu đúng như vậy thì mời bạn xem bài viết về chủ đề này ngay sau đây nhé.

play 1 sonos review – Video review son môi dành cho bạn.

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Sonos Play 1 - Wireless Home Speaker  - REVIEW
Sonos Play 1 – Wireless Home Speaker – REVIEW

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Warren Demmon

Would this be useful for home cinema?


4.69 inches hahahahaha

Martin Javorsky

Would be great to hear Sonos Move in comparison to this one 🔥🔥

Job Phone

Wat song is used in the intro?

Helen zheng

All in one wall mount Tilt & Swivel 180° Adjustable Ceiling mount length adjustable for Play 1, Please kindly go to amazon find it:


sooo stupid thing

I can only play music from PC. I can’t watch anything from YouTube or just a movie ???

Any sounds from PC or phone not working!!

I don’t understand who could invent such a useless product ..


Costco has a pack of 2 of these for 229.00 until 12/24/19

Elliot Cod

Do you need to turn these speakers on before you listen to music, or do they remain in standby and you can just connect through your phone and listen away without having to touch the speakers?

Thanks for the review. I own a play1 and enjoying it. Keep up the good work!

AC Milan 1899

We've gone from high end dedicated music systems to these poxy 1 speaker systems, what the fck! Does everyone now live in tiny box rooms the size of a car?

Abe Coulter

dose it support dante?

Khaled Badawi

Dude step a way a bit from the mic I feel like you are speaking directly to my ears. Like I feel the air comes from your moth.

Ricardo G

Any plans to review Sonos one speaker?

Rodino Jules

Jim can u review the Libratone zipp 2 please…


What is the round port above the ethernet port? Is it a 3.5 mm aux jack?

1978arty Ttot

Way too expensive buy two or Sony WiFi speakers and connect via Bluetooth seamlessly way cheaper !


I would consider buying a sonos speaker if you could do multi room playback with echo devices but since you can't I will stick with echo.

Chi Ming Lam

it's "on" not "ahn".

Spartacus Tek

Can I not play a song from my iPhone’s music library or from YouTube? Can you only play music from this stupid things app?

I’d like to hook this thing up to my laptop or TV and use it to watch a movie. Is that not possible????

anthony guada

I want to watch a youtube video, can I hear the sound to my Sonos Play1?

Arpit Kamal

bose soundtouch 10 review, please ??

Reneboy Lumba

Could this be paired with the current apple tv?…

Preston Flick

Please review the new Harman Kardon citation series!

Harry Sim

Please review sonos beam Jim's


what is the song and can you link it?


can I play this also using youtube music?

im trapps

Now I own 3 play 1 and a sonos playbar with a sonos subwoofer my room shakes


Can it act as a normal wifi speaker where I can open the Spotify app and choose it as an output device?

Harry T.

Thanks for the great review. Since it's not considered a portable speaker, I'm a little worried that it might damage the internal components if I'm unplugging it from the wall and moving it to another room a few times a week.


You forgot to mention that if you use the “true play” tuning for the room the sound seems to come all around you so it’s an important step that needs to be done to the speaker that really helps with the sound throughout the entire room.

Citizen Victor

What WiFi Networks does it connect to? 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz?

Jonathan Wilkinson

Love your channel bro very helpful! what is the song at :58 seconds? keep it up thx!

joseph eapen

I dont know if you read your comments often but if you read it can you make a spotify playlost of your test music sp that i can hear how it originally sounds @Jimsreviewroom


pls review the denon envaya dbs bt250 best bluetooth speaker tia…

jayce ng

Sorry I got another question in term of audio quality, playing thru WiFi is better or Bluetooth is better? Or is about the same ?