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Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Good or Bad? - Pikasprey
Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Good or Bad? – Pikasprey

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Pikasprey nhìn vào phần tiếp theo khét tiếng của bộ ba Sonic gốc. Nó có thực sự tệ như vậy không, hay có thứ gì đó đáng chơi ở đây? Danh sách phát Pikasprey: Kênh Gameplay: Twitter: (Bản phối lại 8-Bit) Bulby :..

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Mario master99

huh is this wing fortress??? 1:00


What pikasprey meant to say is I can’t play coop because I have no friends

Jrlenong Lenong

Guys I actually wasn't SEGA I love Sonic screenwise there as they are so good

Eli Kim

Dimps ruined their perfect score with this game.
2001: sonic advance
2002: sonic advance 2
2004: sonic advance 3
2005: sonic rush
2007: sonic rush adventure
2008: sonic unleashed wii
2010: sonic colors ds
2013: sonic generations 3ds

Weird that Stage 2 Act 2 of the mobile version is different compared to the console version

Alegater Gaming


Hooded Man

I find it funny that these games have better special stages than the game's they are clearly based off, despite everything else being much worse; of course, Sonic's special stages always just kind of sucked for the most part, the only one I think I ever liked before this game's was Blue Sphere, though that's probably because every goddamn game with them after S3&K just copied Sonic 2's for some reason. Mania's were great though.

Akli Fikri Video

16:38 Mobile Sonic remake gamers:
İ four parallel verse ahed you

i feel this: like, this game, unlike sonic 2, who UPGRADED the og game, thsi game took sonic 1, and DOWGRADED it while removing hte fun parts of it


Was that a sneaky cwc reference

Dont Misunderstand

Here's a hot take that absolutely shouldn't be… you just described the issues with the Sonic franchise that it's had from the beginning.

Gian Farrel

I beat the 2 episode i always reset the final special stage just to get super sonic i do it last day


20:03 how the hell did you do that? You should have taken damage


Sonic 4 Episode 1 was originally a mobile-only game called "Sonic the Portable", with simple throwback levels. You can still see evidence of this old name in Casino Street Zone.
It's SEGA who mandated it be renamed to Sonic 4.


Who would win:
A company who has made previous 2d sonic games
One Sonic fan and more

Lamont Steele

I love sonic 4 episode 1&2 like I really don't care and my book it's still a Sonic the Hedgehog game

Hazard Sizer

The special stages in sonic 4 can be restarted if you mess up. Pause real quick and hit restart

super ninja

Bad goodbye

Kazuma K.

How much do I need to pay you to sing the krusty krab pizza song. SQUIDWARD!!!


Wait…is Sonic 4 in 4:3? Really? They changed the visuals completely but still thought that people would want 4:3 for an authentic Sonic experience? Even Mania is 16:9.

Regina Valentine


Jack Gibson

Explaining this game sounds like you’re just explaining sonic 1

And 2 and 3 a bit

Cyndaflare quill

I actually loved ep 2 I don't know why but I loved the special stages and the bosses were some of my favorites and the levels were fun to.

F ep 1 though


Green eyes are better then black, smh

Kieran Callahan

At least Sonic 4 is better than Sonic Genesis on the GBA.


The Sonic Advance games are pretty underrated in my opinion, also Sonic Rush.





I would still rather play it over say Sonic Spinball or Sonic Schoolhouse to be honest lol

Woo Six

Next they will make Half Life 2 & Knuckles


What I would do with Sonic 4 would be something similar to the Sonic Advance trilogy. Give each game/episode at least 7 zones but tell a continuous story merging them all together.

On episode 2 I actually enjoyed all the boss fights despite some of the flaws! Especially the MetalSonic related fights, and replayed them all over dozen times! so you are wrong when you say nobody would want to replay them ever again or feel they are the low point of the game, for me they were the best part! xD


If you told me Episode 1 was a fan game, I would believe you.

Coolio Julio

Sonic mania did this really well (I’m gonna talk about the plus version), they added a new power to sonic (drop dash) added ray and mighty as actual characters, added new villains, and controls really well


Sonic the hedgehog 4 sounds like a bootleg title


I hope they remake this entire game with actual good mechanics naming it: Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Actually Good Edition


I was listening this in the background and thought this was a fangame

Elias Zogopoulos

TBH I kind of like the graphics on Green

Max Buff

Is this a flash game?

Leandro Cavalcante



Why are people talking about his eyes.

Agustin Vega

Take every complaint about Sonic the hedgehog 4 and apply it to the whole series. Sonic just sucks, every game I’ve played sucks save for sonic adventure which is a glitchy mess in its own right


Sonic 4 episode 2 was the first sonic game I've ever played. It so nostalgic to see that snow level again!

Cianitrihs Khour

I was also curious and had some free time, so I downloaded II on my phone. Aside from the lifeless feeling, I didn't actually complete it. The software ran so badly lag drove me away before I made the mistake of playing more.


I'm not a Sonic fan so I was not even aware these games existed until a few months ago when someone mentioned them in a review video. People really don't talk about these games at all and seems like even the Sonic fans don't play them either.

Vorile DeWise

The Metal Sonic stages were the only good part of both games.

Ice cold blue Sonic

Super Sonic in Sonic the hedgehog 4:Episode I is worth it

When I first discovered in Mid 2011 Sonic 4 Ep. 1 was VERY excited about it. Discovered Ep. 2 in Mid 2013. At the time I was 11 and only had a Nintendo GameCube playing Sonic Mega Collection, Sonic Adventure DX and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. I knew every level, boss and song before playing the game. I learned about the game via 1 hour on YouTube on my parents computer. It took me 3 years to play Episode 1 finally on my Mom's phone. I did noticed the physics was off via the momentum but I kept playing though because I just very excited to finally play a "new" Sonic game. It was new to me back in Mid 2014 because it always took years to get my hands on new video games. Anyways around Late 2015 is when I got both episodes of Sonic 4 on PC and realized the games are not that good. I enjoyed Episode 2 more because it was more visually appealing. Around I think March 2016 I just got tired of both games because I realized it didn't offer any improvement over the original trilogy. So I just stopped playing them.

I wish Sonic 4 was like the original trilogy. I was hoping back in Mid-2016 for a new Sonic game like the original trilogy made by the Christan Whitehead team. 😏


So can the 2 episodes be combined like S3&K and carry out your Chaos Emeralds from the EP1 to EP2?

Xo_starboyy Rolis