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Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episodes 1 & 2 | Coop's Reviews
Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episodes 1 & 2 | Coop's Reviews

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Phần tiếp theo của Sonic 3 & Knuckles như chúng ta đã thực sự tưởng tượng về nó …? Cooper trở lại xem xét trò chơi. Lần này, anh ấy đang xem một trong những bài đánh giá được yêu cầu nhiều hơn của mình, Sonic the Hedgehog 4 … Tập 1 & 2. Rất tiếc … 00:00 – Giới thiệu 02:11 – Tập 1 15:41 – Tập 2 30:29 – Kết luận 31:24 – Bài đánh giá cuối của Coop Danh sách phát ► Hình thu nhỏ được thiết kế bởi MelcuckyArt! ► Đặc biệt cảm ơn Jazzyman vì đã xuất hiện trong tập phim! Máy chủ bất hòa của Coop ► Hỗ trợ tôi trên Patreon! ► Mua cho tôi một ly cà phê! ► Twitter ► Instagram ► Tumblr ► Facebook ► # Sonic4 #review #sonicthehedgehog..

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tommy bakes

SMB2 USA is a sequel but is shorter than SMB1 with only SEVEN worlds instead of the usual EIGHT

Jrlenong Lenong

Thank you for meeting Sonic 4 episode 1 episode 2 we cannot thank you enough dempsey's

Jrlenong Lenong

Tim's afternoon to buy French romantic thank you for making this making this game


O you think that the console version is easy then you should play the special stages on the mobile version are they are so much harder on the mobile version and it does not matter what phone you have it would still be hard


Most of dimps games were pretty good honestly.
The Advanced Trilogy was great, The Rush duo was great, Colors and generations were magnificent too.
Really Lost world and Episode one were the only “bad” games.

And arguably episode two.

This is all my opinion of course.

Tom Bruncker

Sonic 4 Episode 1 is eh, I don’t think it’s as bad as everyone say’s but it’s still pretty average. Episode II actually annoys me because it feels like they actually tried with Sonic’s control yet the level design is extremely boring and not memorable and it suffer’s because of that

Crunch Bandicoot

"So Sonic and Tails get aboard the Death Egg mk.II
They beat up Metal Sonic.
Give Eggman a heart attack.
Then they just leave…"

Michael Pitcher

Eh, I had a lot of fun with sonic 4. I feel like this is a warranted review, but I also just went into it without thinking too much about it. I like it


I hated the game because the right part of the screen as sonic is running wasn't long enough. I kept crashing into characters, losing coins too early, and dying. Even though I liked it was 4d and it was a sequel to sonic the hedgehog 3, I didnt have fun playing this game.

Braylen Jackson

Idk i mean i dont hate the level but i dont love it i just like it

420 mix

Sonic 4 was made to make retro sonic elitist happy (which didnt work)


I know sonic 4 is bad.

but did yall play that mobile version, because that shit hit different

Paul Villanueva

I love your videos


Everything you said is factually incorrect.

HappyThumbs Gaming

Hey Coop I notice this the physics in Sonic 4 looks or play like the classic Sonic in like when you go run a loop sonic will lose his speed did you notice this?

Frank Noble-Waters

This game stole Sonic Mania's title.

Popa Cosmin

The game is great for what it is a kids game.Go play dark souls if you want difficulty or hollow knight

Timeless 56

i am surprised that I am the ONLY one who loves lost labyrinth in sonic 4, but I hate labyrinth in sonic 1


Metal sonics song in episode 2 is decent
Super sonic
Splash hill medley exists
Episode 1 looks horrid
The psychics are just bad
There was no need to have 2 games
The homing attack was not needed
Theres only 4 zones in both games
Both games are just not fun to play
The levels are forgettable
Its way too easy
Both games are ripoffs of sonic 1 and 2
The gameplay is repetitive and boring
Bad and lazy level design
The gimmicks in episode 1 are awful
Final Score: E Rank


Sonic 4? More like Sonic 4kit That'll Do

Priscilla M.T.

Sonic 4 Episode 1 was the first videogame I ever played, it'll always have a special place in my heart