Seymour Duncan TB6 Vs Dimarzio D Sonic – Trang review son môi uy tín nhất

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d-sonic review – Video review son môi dành cho bạn.

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Seymour Duncan TB6 Vs Dimarzio D Sonic
Seymour Duncan TB6 Vs Dimarzio D Sonic

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So sánh Seymour Duncan TB6 và Dimarzio D Sonic Ghi với cùng một cây đàn guitar, dây, cáp và amp, cũng có cùng cài đặt 0:04 so với 0:29 tín hiệu sạch 0:16 so với 0:41 tách cuộn dây 0:52 so với 1:34..

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Mohit Rahaman

timstamp repost
0:04 vs 0:29 clean signal

0:16 vs 0:41 coil split

0:52 vs 1:34 drive

Matthew Holt

There's hardly a difference, if MJ wound it, that's the ticket.


D Sonic


What the cable u use?

wolf wolfernus

sd distortion shines in mahogany and alder but I don't like it in basswood which is good match for d sonic…

Bernadus Guntoro


Father No

what kind of amp bro? It's fucking killing!!!


The TB 6 has a warmer sound.


The first aftermarket humbucker i ever bought was a SD Distortion. Still have it. It's been in many guitars and is in one currently. My pickup of choice…. or JB.

Seymour Duncan TB6 is the best sound

s Tokita

TB-6 win

Orkhan Julfa

Duncan for bright guitars. DiMarzio better for dark.

Greg Fleming

Duncan all the way

Matt Z

D Sonic blows

lying to the moon

Why is the Dimarzio so noisy? The Duncan is way clearer.

Mars attacks

Dimarzio D Sonic in drive mode !!! In split clean, Dimarzio is more Straty… Personnel choice for this one. But hell ! Dimarzio drives good !

Jiří Popek

Duncan sounds much better to me!

Dan Hunsinger

The Dimarzio has a decent clean tone but it doesn't sound tight and controlled under high gain.
The SD sounds better at cleans ever though I thought it was close but the high gain is where I felt the SD pulled away with the win here. Much tighter and clear.

Ralpher L

the pickups are waaay too close to the strings anyways

Hugo Welti

The D-Sonic had a weird attack under high-gain. It seemed tighter and a bit airier (maybe), but it definitely did not have the cutting grainy high mids of the Distortion.

Lightning Jack

Seymour Duncan all the way up.

Barry Wood

D-Sonic for the win. Clearer and more aggressive.


   Which ever two are on sale because if you just wake up in the morning or have a hang over they all sound the same?

Bang Do

TB6 totally fit with metal !!


My thoughts.

1. Clean : Dimarzio D Sonic
2. Distortion : Seymour Duncan TB-6

So, if you're into metal stuff, go with TB-6.  Much more aggressive feel.

Pipe Trejos Piney

Dimarzio D-sonic!!


I gotta say the D sonic has better cleans, but the tb6 sounds heaps better distorted. The tb6 sounded tighter and not harsh when you hit those high power chords in the riff. The D sonic is definitely muddy in the low end. I wonder if the guitar was tuned low? Its a toss up for me.


You sound like an ignoramus. Just because he likes it, it makes him a fanboy? And there is definitely some low end mush going on with the dimarzio in these clips. It sounds like the gain is too high for the output from the Dimarzios, but if you can't hear a significant difference in the two clips better go to an audiologist.

Sven Scherzing

You sound like a pathetic Duncan fanboy. They sound very similar idiot. The Dimarzio has more midrange and the low end is slightly fuller, but it's subtle.


I like the sound of both items. They sound surprisingly similar on both ends of the tone spectrum. I love the clean warmth and chunky distortion. Great sustain too. The D-Sonic sounds a bit chunkier with drive on which I do like more.

Dusty Rhodes

pretty sure this might be a late response but guitar center has them, trying ordering them from them. but I ordered an x2n and a liquifire along with a true velvet middle single coil. I got the Single coil in about 4-7 days and the humbuckers were on backorder for a week but now they have arrived so about a week and a half for me.


Amazinh crushing tone with SH-6.
What amp are u using ?

Dusty Rhodes

D Sonic for the clean tone makes it perfect for melody but the TB6 sounds a lot better with distortion/drive on as shown.


A shift in midrange between the two. SD is centered in the lower mids and more closed. Dimarzio, more open and shift to the upper mids. Overall more clarity in the Dimarzios

Honestly, for my clean tone, I would prefer the D sonic if I can have of both of these pickups on the guitar.

Gregory W

The D Sonics clean tone was better but the duncans crunch was much… Crunchier xD but im still considering a D sonic for my Schecter S-1


which amp did you use?


The dimarzios make my ears tingle. The sd do not

Fragmenta Official

Did you also know that the direction you install the D-sonic greatly effects whether it's tight and bright or warm and balanced? I have one in my Dean V and it's nowhere that muddy driven…

Bonnie Kiladitis

I like the Duncan Distortion better. Tighter low-end, more midrange, and better "sizzle" without losing definition. Cheers!

I Bleed Mercury

The D-sonic sounds good, but it is inherently less aggressive than the Duncan, because I can distinctly hear how it "colors" the tone, by scooping some of the mids. The Duncan sounds louder and more "open", less closed-up. The Duncan is faithfully reflecting more of the guitar's natural tone, which even as a DM guitarist, I like. I don't want a pickup to EQ my tone, I'll do that myself at the EQ stage, I want it to give me as much of the guitar's natural tone as possible, and I'll modify later.

Erik Truss

Yeah the Dimarzio totally sounded flubby on the riffage. It was distorting in a weird way too.


ebay maybe


do they still sell Dimarzio D sonics for 6 string guitars because i've been looking everywhere and cant find one.


that dimarzio sounds bad ass withdrive on. thanks for the comparison. would u use that for a lead pick up with say… a Duncan TB-5 ?

Nick DiNunzio

I like DiMarzio's coil split.

New York FZ1 Rider

wish i could find a video like this for a basswood guitar… i've been looking…

Marshall Law

Does anyone else hear that the Duncan TB6 has a much better low end, the dimarzio is fizzy and flabby sounding compared to it. This vid saved me the $65 i was going to spend to try the drop sonic,

Enrique Corona

SD Distortion is much better in my opinion, I currently own a set and I have a new guitar with dimarzio/ibz, The sound is much clear but no good for metal.


I like the Distortion more.
Dimarzio doesn't seem to work as well for metal riffing. Mabey they are better for soloing. I don't care about soloing as much as a good metal riff sound.