Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation Review – Trang review phấn làm đẹp

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review phấn rimmel stay matte – Thông tin review về phấn làm đẹp.

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Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation Review
Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation Review

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Ngoài xem bài viết chủ đề review phấn rimmel stay matte, bạn có thể xem thêm một số video review phấn làm đẹp khác tại đây nữa nhé: https://kemtrinamda.vn/review.

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Nancy H

I love this, Work really goods because my skin is oily and control it well.

Margaret alvyns

Whos coming to kiss you..hi😄😄


one thing about you,
No body Can Review a Product better than you!
Tnx for making it easy for us.

Lexy Klein

My skin is very dry…. putting this foundation on was like torture for it :p

Sooner boy


polish spelling

thank you 😀


Love the way some people are doing review on this! Mine is coming next week!


I just bought the powder and the foundation. I'm just hope that this foundation and powder works. And the product is a fair price.


does anyone have any tips on the best way to apply this foundation?

Regina Manookian

This is a good dupe for the tarte Amazonian clay foundation! I love this foundation great review❤️


I bought this foundation because i liked the idea of a matte finish and i have dry skin, but i make a point of moisturising well and using the rimmel primer and have to say i love it. It lasts all day and makes my skin look more flawless than most foundations i have used and im in my early 50's.

kristin vanderhoff

can we get a tutorial with this foundation and matching powder? I use the powder on top. somedays I like it somedays I look too dry and it shows baadd!

Alexis Abbott

@emilynoel83 do u think this would be good for prom?

Darci Stewart

I really want to try this foundation. I'm super oily. After taking a shower, a couple of hours later, I look like a nasty greasy oily mess. Gross..


Emily I have just now tried this foundation and I LOVE it! I have a lot of redness to cover and this foundation did an amazing job. I can always count on you to give an honest, accurate review. You're the pro!! Thanks so much 🙂

Mona Lisa

It made me break out certain parts of my face. I have oily skin.


I used this on top of a moisturizer and baby skin and I set it with a powder intended for dry skin types, and I got a full coverage look that didn't look too off putting


I have watched many of your videos and enjoy them.  Do you think that Revlon Colorstay or L'Oreal True Match are worth paying more for then this Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse.  I have been using Estee Lauder Double Wear and want to find a drug store foundation.  My skin is combination/oily.  I don't have too much problem with oiliness…prob more with redness sometimes (esp. if I get hot).  Thanks for any  suggestion you can make.  I had also considered Covergirl Outlast but heard it oxidizes badly.

Elizabeth 94

its good for normal to combo skin?

Starrla xo

I think you just finally sold me on this foundation. I have extreme combination mostly hella oily skin. And FYI I ALSO get SUPERRRR DRY right in between my eyebrows which I always thought was weird, lol. But anyway, I have an extremely porcelain complexion. Pretty grey toned but leaning cool. I need very full coverage to cover my acne scars and rosacea. When I first was this in the drug store I was like yesssss, and the lightest color is SO PERFECT, but the texture changed my mind. I hate mousse foundations, they feel so heavy on the skin. But watching you apply it and how it sets, it doesn't look that way at all, and staying power looks AWESOME. The price is right, I'm going to try it for sure. It ain't no $5 here in Canada though, but still under $10 LOL. Thanks for another awesome review, Emily! You always make my mind up for me. Loving the 5second blur primer too! I've been a subscriber of yours since the very beginning, and you're like my makeup Jesus. I'm so so happy that you are going to be a mom! I'm a mom too! Much love from my family to yours! <3


does this foundation reflect the white cast? iphone flash reflects the white cast with EVERY foundation i use ugh

Catherine Dore

I actually mix this with a tinted moisturizer. I have combination skin, too, and I've found that mixing it thins it out, makes it less flat, neutralizes the tone (the color I use is too pink, the moisturizer is too yellow), AND adds an SPF on top of that!

Cassie Lovell

Lovely review <3 Will have to try this foundation out someday

Creando Ando by Kari

Are you pregnant? Lol JK. Welcome to the crazy hormone roller coaster of the rest of your life 🙂 part of the many changes to come.
Thanks for the review. I may try it 🙂

Augusta Michelle

I got this at Walgreens and it didn't work for me. I have combination skin and it ended up breaking me out. 🙁