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Real Techniques Everyday Essentials VoxBox Review | MOMOMAKEUP | TOP tin đọc nhiều.

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Hey guys!! Please enjoy my Real Techniques Everyday Essentials Voxbox review. **I did receive this brush set complimentary for reviewing purposes from the Influenster app.


– This is a referral link. I do not collect any form of compensation if you choose to use it.


Use code MOLLYEZREN20 at checkout to receive 20% off your first box!
– This is an affiliate code, and I would receive a small commission if you choose to sign up for your first box using my code. This is in no way something I expect you to use, but it would be greatly appreciated if you do! 😊


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40 thoughts on “Real Techniques Everyday Essentials VoxBox Review | MOMOMAKEUP – Kiến thức trang điểm đẹp

  1. Angela Aveno says:

    The blush brush looks big and can be used as a powder brush/finishing and the small setting brush can be used as blush brush itself for precise application especially for girls with small faces

  2. T J says:

    My sponge that came with is is super hard? I swear I’ve been looking for a soft sponge my whole makeup life and I never ever find the right softness. Mine are always rocks I’m so tiiiiiiired 😩

  3. Анжела 1 says:

    У меня такой же набор кистей Real Technics спасибо тебе за обзор.☺😉👍👍👍👍👍👍✌✌✌✌✌

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