NO BS Jeffree Star x Morphe BRUSH SET Review + GIVEAWAY – Trang review cọ chất lượng nhất

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NO BS Jeffree Star x Morphe BRUSH SET Review + GIVEAWAY – Tổng hợp những video review cọ hữu ích dành cho bạn.

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NO BS Jeffree Star x Morphe BRUSH SET Review + GIVEAWAY
NO BS Jeffree Star x Morphe BRUSH SET Review + GIVEAWAY

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Hello gorgeous babes! Have a BEAUTIFUL DAY! ENTER GIVEAWAY HERE:

Nichole Renee

Seeing puppy dogs or kitty cats in videos ALWAYS gets an automatic thumbs up.


You look really cute here! 💗🙏🌺

Aaron & Megan

Okay so my sister bought this set for me they wee on sale for $10 because they were trying to get rid of them , and I hate these brushes! Sorry not sorry … they’re so cheap . They don’t blend my eyeshadow at all ..

El Felipisimo

Ok so now that’s they’re 17 dlls they are totally worth it 🤣

Melissa Naudus

You are the cutest!!!

Destiny Ranee

After you put on face make up and it didn’t change your flawless skin lol can’t relate my face without foundation or concealer is scary lol 😂 what’s your skin car routine?? Hook us up ! Lol I have oily skin help lol

Oh and I have his other set of brushes and they are scratchy 😔 I got the eye brushes expected to be here tomorrow hope there not like those brushes yikes

Elan Georskey

Which brush did he compare to M433? I’m guessing it’s the JS6 because that’s the only one he didn’t list off at the beginning lol

Mauricio Jordan

I gotta say this is one of my favorite looks on you, the hair, the skin, the way the foundation is laid and the eyes so gooD!

Katie Roman

So I searched JS morphe brushes AND found this video. OMG 😮 I ❤️you. WHY WHY were you never suggested to ME before 🤬 YouTube you ant 💩👿. But happy I found you NOW 😊👍🏻

Kristophh Jenner

Do you smoke meth or something. What’s wrong with you lol

Kristophh Jenner

You have the most annoying fucking voice in the world, & I hate your personality 😂

Heidi Kitty

I love your whole being! You personality, your looks, your wit…I wish we could see more of your daily life…but for now I’ll just watch more of your videos.

Dutchess 1202

Is it me or does the js9 and js5 look exactly the same I just got it for Christmas the whole set and the 2 brushes are exactly the same I can’t tell them apart can u find the difference?? I’m just curious because I was like wtf did they put a misprint?? Or something???


and that hair thing doesn't make sense … the ends of your hair are the most damaged whereas the hairs closer to the scalp are in better shape. ……. ????


every morphe brush ive bought were such shit 🙁 that m510 brush was by far the worst. Makes my skin litterally HURT every time i use it. Wish they would embrace synthetic bristles more.

Miu Miu

Love you Nadi. I could listen to you 24/7 no matter what you review, thank you!!

abber though

I wish you had a T-shirt that said "Oh.. I like that"

Angie Weston

Hey Ron
Nadi I just watched the high cooking show and I can't help but wonder do u do makeup HIGH ? LOL ….. LOL 💙

Miz. Co

I thought jefree start was cruelty free. Its not very nice (hence cruel) to chop off a ponys hair 😡 poor pony.

I wanted to get it but because its made from natural hairs. Not anymore.

Sequoia B

Your energy in this video 😍😩😂😂😂