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review phấn nước diorsnow – Thông tin review về phấn làm đẹp.

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NEW DIOR SKIN Forever Perfecting Cushion Review + Full Day Demo || TrishhYoungg
NEW DIOR SKIN Forever Perfecting Cushion Review + Full Day Demo || TrishhYoungg

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TẤT CẢ CÁC CÂU HỎI CỦA BẠN ĐƯỢC GIẢI ĐÁP * BẤM VÀO ĐÂY * Đăng ký! WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/TRISHHYOUNGG #ProductReview NEW DIOR SKIN Forever Perfecting Cushion Review + Công bố về sản phẩm Demo cả ngày: Diorskin Forever Perfect Cushion tự hào với kết cấu vô cùng tươi mát, chất lỏng với cảm giác không trọng lượng, mang lại lớp màn điều chỉnh sáng, mờ và sáng hoàn thiện cấu trúc của da, không để lại gì ngoài sự kết thúc tinh tế của một làn da tươi tắn và mịn màng. Sản phẩm được đề cập: Diorskin Forever Perfecting Cushion – 020 Cushion Foundation Danh sách phát: Xem tại đây: Nếu có thắc mắc về kinh doanh, hãy gửi email cho tôi tại: TÌM TÔI Ở ĐÂU: BLOG: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: BEME: @trishhyoungg..

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Kamila Wright

Hi there!! I've been watching yours videos and I'm debating in which cushion foundation I should get Ysl touch eclat, Fusion Ink or this one? I like medium coverage and I have normal/dry skin. Thanks

Lynn DeCarlo

Beautiful! I love cushions, they look so natural. Can't wait for it to be released in the U.S


At first I wasn't sure if this cushion came out before or after the "Dior Capture Totale Dreamskin Perfect Skin Cushion," after searching I ran into your YouTube, which confirms that it's new. However, are they not selling in the US yet? I noticed it's out in Asia already in HK and Taiwan sales locations. Thanks for the update.

Cynthia Chen

Hi Trish, I really like your lipstick 6:09 . It really fits our asian skin tone nude. Can you please tell me what it is? thanks

Steff Gouldie

Thank you would love more Dior from you brilliant video

The Almighty

Hello trishh, we actually have the same name. my skin is acne prone, due to the polluting air that we all breathe everyone at the same time, but also i l realise water clears your skin a lot, you must stay hydrated and use only dermato products, one is Avène, it's best to clear your skin from acne marks

Mitchelle Atienza



I've got a quick question, do these cushion sponges need to be washed? I've read that some of the sponges have this "new tech" where the surface won't breed any bacteria but I'm a little skeptical about that. I wash mine weekly to be on the safe side.

lively may

Thank you so much for the review. I think the shade match your skin pretty good and the finish that you get on your skin looks beautiful. By the way, Did you make a review on Teint Idole Cushion yet? because it seems like I saw it somewhere, but then I can't find it now 🙁

Iris Desiree Sioson

Hello. Who did the shade match for you? The Dior counter?

Carmen Guzman

Do you when this will be in stores in the US or online in trying to buy it but I can't seem to find

Carla Yes

Hei Trish!! I like this effect on your skin! nice x

Kyler Ong

Hi Trish! Thanks for doing a review. Would you mind commenting whether the cushion holds up quite well when you sweat? The reason I am asking is because I am currently using the Iope cushion and I break out in white beads of sweat around the lip and nose area (even when I am not even sweating that much)! Cheers, Kyler

Sheila Jane Marmol

Hi, what cushion can you recommend for combination acne prone skin?

Sam Aguilar

suits your skin tone madam…i like it so far!! very soothing in the face

Isabella cuadro

Watched the video for extra chance at giveaway
good review


love every foundation review you made!!it's very helpful. I also living in SG ^O^

Triste Cherie

does it come with a refill?


Where did you purchase this 😩

Kimberley Britney

Everything popping !! Would love if you could check my YouTube I've just started xx

Shraddha Hudale

how much it costs??

asdf ghjkl

This video was so helpful!!! Thanks


have you tried YSL cushion foundation?

Ramiezah Salleh

Did the product break you out? Other than that, love watching your reviews!

Liz Bzz

you're right I've never heard anyone talk about the Dior highlighters!

Jie Lin

Wow, that Dior cushion looks really good on your skin! 😍
Anw Trish, I have a qns regarding the pony effect ever lasting cushion… I bought the cushion after watching your video 😆. I really love the coverage, however, it gets cakey on my skin 😞 – around my nose, and cheeks area. Does that happen to you?
I tap gently once (puff was 50% covered with foundation) & it is sufficient to cover my whole face. After which I set it with etude house zero sebum powder… I have no idea what went wrong. 😖

Jenmini Dagz

That highlight is a 💣…… 😀😀

Mc Danaleen

The packaging is so on point 🙂

irene tuibuen

done watching😇😇 nice review ms Trish😃