NEW BH Cosmetics Studded Couture Brush Set Review & Demo! – Trang review cọ chất lượng nhất

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NEW BH Cosmetics Studded Couture Brush Set Review & Demo! – Tổng hợp những video review cọ hữu ích dành cho bạn.

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NEW BH Cosmetics Studded Couture Brush Set Review & Demo!
NEW BH Cosmetics Studded Couture Brush Set Review & Demo!

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Tram Anh Dinh

Hi. May I ask if the #10 angled shading brush can be used for nose contouring? Thanks babe😍

Saba Asad

The other set you shpwed in the end plz review that one as well. I am confused between these two sets. Which one wpuld you recommend??? Please reply. ❤️

Patricia Graham

Hello Beautiful bravo love brush porn and would be glad too see the face and contour brushes. I'll keep 👀your friend a seasoned diva on a budget 💋

Camila Martinez

When I clicked on the video I didn't see who it belonged to but when I started the video and saw the brush porn I automatically knew it was yours 😂😂😂 LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!

Takishas Life

i use number 5 for cream contours ☺️

Kittykat Meow

You gave more info than any other vid on YouTube. Thank you so much!

Danna Gallegos

It's on sale right now for $15.39!


Razz Mapala

i ordered already cant wait to try yayyyy😍😍

Maria Rivera

I bought mine at their actual store and it cost 25 $

Gamby Gamby

I know I'm late but your eyes are SO pretty!!

Ladies, I recently bought this set & was eager to try these since they have great reviews but I was very disappointed upon opening my package. The brushes are kinda thin so when applying makeup it applies VERY thinly. The only way I can imagine that these would work for anyone is if a.) you like your makeup VERY thin/very minimal b.) you press on them really hard & apply multiple layers. I posted my review on their site but apparently it has to be reviewed by their staff before posting, I wouldn't be surprised if they only allowed positive reviews on their products.


I'm in love with their products, so affordable. I used to buy expensive makeup from the mall, but now I only buy foundation from the mall. Everything else I splurge at Bh cosmetics. $50 buys a lot of products, so I have more freedom to try more looks.


YAY, just ordered this set from their cyber Monday sale for $13 and some change. Glad to see you like it! 🙂


Great review! I just ordered these, not that I need anymore brushes.. I just love the case for display purposes!! Lol.. new sub! 😍

Mari Calikes

I received my set of these today! Going to try them out tommorow….


Excellent tutorial 👍👍


does the brushes shed at all???? how long have you had it for?

Hannah Marie

I made a huge mistake and accidentally blow dried my powder brush after using the liquid cleaner for it! Now it isn't as fluffy and soft, so I'm gonna need to buy more brushes. Definitely gonna look into these BH brushes❤

unicorn :*

thank you for this Video!! love those brushes ❤❤

Ashly woolford

I got mines for $15 , they had a sale