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My Favorite Korean Cushion Foundation for Glass Skin | o hui ultimate brightening cushion | TOP tin đọc nhiều.

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In this video I am going to introduce my new favorite cushion foundation I use in my everydays. I am obsessed with cushions and just cannot push myself into using foundations, bb creams or anything else instead. But that’s just me. But because of that, I can bravely say I have a lot of experience using and trying cushions. Currently I have about 8 cushions opened on my beauty table, but nowadays I just keep end up using this cushion foundation whenever I leave the house. Although this cushion is also not perfect – unfortunately, it’s too dark for my skin, breaks a bit around oily zones and hard to do touch ups -, but all together I enjoy using it starting from the application till I wash it off at night.

If you are interested in it’s package, effects, experiences, please check the video. If you also have experience with this cushion foundation, please share your thoughts below! ^^

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Have you tried Hera Black Cushion? I remember in one of your previous videos you said to me in the comments you will try Hera Black Cushion for review. Also there's a new Foundation from Hera called Hera Black Foundation which is the liquid foundation version of Hera Black Cushion. Why don't you give it a try and do a comparison review. Thanks 😊

Yok Hun

Is it possible that you can tell the price?

Penny Chan

What colour you buy ??

I love luminous & very dewy foundations! I really want to try this! Right now I use missha bb cream or CYO lifeproof foundation, I love to add a cream highlight underneath as well😍❤️😍❤️ Great Video!!!👍🏻

avocato Thoa

This is so awesome 👍

Carol Fudali

Would love links to where we can buy this

Amber Webb

I’ve never even heard of this foundation! But really great video love it!