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First Look (Unboxing) w Chosungah Ver22 | TOP tin đọc nhiều.

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Happy New Year!
I really do miss blogging, but I cannot make the time to do the editing. I took the easy way out by creating a video…which wasn’t even edited!! OTL

Chosungah products I picked up from Gmarket.

Bounce Up Pact Master/바운스 업 팩트 마스터 in Shade #1
Ink Jet Lip Tatt/잉크 젯 립 탓 in Red
My Favorite Kit/마이 페이보릿 키트 in #3
Compact Mirror/마이 페이보릿 키트

[English Website] [Korean Website]

*products in the video were purchased from my own funds. In no way is this a sponsored post.

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phấn tươi ver 22 tại
phấn tươi ver 22

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2 thoughts on “First Look (Unboxing) w Chosungah Ver22 – Kiến thức trang điểm đẹp

  1. ettuandyou says:

    so so so so so so jealous/envious of you RIGHT NOW. However, I did place an order with Etude House which has always been one of my absolute favorite Korean brands. I do love the sponges but hardly ever end up using them (because I know I would have to wash them every week and they would fall apart).I am also a huge fan of the red lipstick/lip products. I have a fantastic red lipstick and several water tints that are just perfect. Enjoy all of these!

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