FENTY BEAUTY DIAMOND BOMB & DIAMOND BOMB 2 | Review, Swatches & Comparison! Do you need both? – Trang review phấn làm đẹp

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review phấn highlight fenty beauty – Thông tin review về phấn làm đẹp.

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FENTY BEAUTY DIAMOND BOMB & DIAMOND BOMB 2 | Review, Swatches & Comparison! Do you need both?
FENTY BEAUTY DIAMOND BOMB & DIAMOND BOMB 2 | Review, Swatches & Comparison! Do you need both?

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Này các cậu! Trong video ngày hôm nay, tôi sẽ xem xét cả hai sản phẩm Highlighters Diamond Bomb từ Fenty Beauty! Tôi chưa bao giờ thử công thức này trước đây và Fenty Beauty là một trong những thương hiệu yêu thích của tôi nên tất nhiên tôi rất hào hứng! Khi Quả bom kim cương mới được phát hành, tôi nghĩ đây là cơ hội hoàn hảo để nhặt quả bom kim cương ban đầu để tôi có thể so sánh cả hai cho các bạn! Xin lỗi nếu video này hơi nhàm chán nhưng tôi chỉ nghĩ rằng nó có thể hữu ích cho bất kỳ ai trong số các bạn đang muốn chọn một trong các phần đánh dấu! Hy vọng bạn sẽ thích & cảm ơn đã xem! xoxo SẢN PHẨM ĐÃ SỬ DỤNG: Fenty Beauty Diamond Bomb – Holo At Me (Tôi không thể tìm thấy liên kết đến nơi sản phẩm này vẫn còn ở Anh nhưng nó vẫn còn hàng trên Sephora & Fenty Beauty). Fenty Beauty Diamond Bomb với số lượng bao nhiêu Carats ?! – TRANG ĐIỂM I’M WEARING: Eyeshadow – Too Faced Gingerbread Extra Spicy Palette – Liner – Colourpop BFF Liquid Liner in Numero Uno Lashes – Red Cherry 43 Foundation – Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation – 140 – Highlighter – Fenty Beauty Diamond Bomb – Bao nhiêu Carats ?! – & Diamond Bomb 2 Đừng quên LIKE & SHARE video này nhé! Hãy nhớ nhấp vào nút SUBSCRIBE! : D THEO DÕI TÔI: Instagram – Video này KHÔNG được tài trợ, một số liên kết là liên kết liên kết. #daniellekirsty #fentybeauty #fentybeautydiamondbomb..

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Chloé Prapuolenis

Use the original one as an eye shadow and it will give you an incredible result

K lee

I had bought the orginal one when it first came out due to positive reviews I had seen…. It was AWFUL. The Packaging felt so cheap, like dollar store plasic, and the product itself was literal craft glitter in Vaseline, absolutely no base to it whatsoever. I'm still dumbfounded to this day how anyone liked the product, lol. You can just go to dollar tree and buy some loose glitter mix it with Vaseline and you'd have the same EXACT looking product. I did end up watching a you tuber who finally admitted to not liking it and he said that Fenty is one if those brands that everyone "loves", even when they don't, lol. Which I believe is true. There are certain products that I can understand how it may work for some and not for others but this one is just a huge NO, I truly have a hard time beliving that anyone honestly likes that highlighter.


Please compare the newest launched ELF RETRO PARADISE MULTI-DIMENSIONAL FACE & BODY SHIMMER in luna with this (Psst! Nobody has done it!) 🙈🙈

Arinthia afshi

Plz upload your eyeliner tutorial😍

Vijay Awasthi

Helo mama ye highliter konse online shopping me melega


The new one looks better than how many carats on you tbh..

Nadine Keating

I have about the same skin tone as you, and I really don't like the way pink highlighter (or a highlighter with a pink shift) looks on me because like you said in this video… it just looks like I applied my blush up too high lol.

Nadine Keating


Oh… I would definitely wear this on an everyday basis! Lol

alia m

What's your nail polish plz?

Ruby Who ?

What formula is this is it creamy?

Cat McCloud

Yeah stuff doesn’t swatch well in stores because of hardpan from finger oils, and also because the moisture in the product evaporates over time as it sits out in the open.

jairene sereno

Im def into the intense highlights but its good they give a subtle highlighter version for the other people.

Codex Noir

I went to sephora today and got some Fenti stuff. The lady told me that diamond bomb on top of any of the highlighters is amazing and then showed me. She wasn't playin 💎


That original highlighter though! I need it in my life 😭


Omg your makeup in this suits you so much! Those colours on you!!! My goodness!! x

Victoria Lee

This was really useful! I‘d just picked up the original because someone was selling it secondhand, and you’re absolutely right when you said it didn‘t swatch like it does in store! 🙂


nice video 🙂


Omg thank you for doing this review!! I'm defo getting the original bomb :DD Can you review the Fenty lip balm, lip scrub, lip luminizer and lipsticks please? xx


Sis please use less blush

S.A Impavido

I can’t see anything…bad video I can’t see the difference on your demo.


The original for partying and the new one for work/school!

Yasss Gawwwd!

Tip: I appreciate the video cause it describes the duo but,
You kinda take awhile, with all do respect, please get it done and then do your oooooh and ahhhhh after… it’s kinda frustrating having to fwd thru your “moment”.

Thank you for reviewing both products!

Janette Fluent

Idk about all the other Fenty products but Rihanna definitely knows what everyone wants in a highlighter! They’re all so beautiful!

Janette Fluent

Maybe the new one is more suitable for everyday…. ? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Janette Fluent

I feel like the new one would be better suited as a blush topper… I LIVE FOR THE ORIGINAL!!!!!! I wanna dip my whole face in it!!!! Put a bit on your collarbone if you’re wearing an over the shoulder top or dress, so beautiful!

Karat K

I love your videos. Your voice/accent is just lovely.

the midimalist

I"m completely obsessed with the colour of the diamond bomb 2. I can't even describe how beautiful the duo chrome is. I've never been into coloured highlighters, but this is SPECIAL. The way it toys with the light is fucking seductive, let me tell you. ISSA SEXUAL VIBE. I get stopped in the street every time I wear it, not even kidding. Compliments all day.

But…the formula real bad. Like REAL BAD. I'll make it work because the flash is just that beautiful to me, but it's not a pleasurable product to use. It's hard as fuck, has little bumps in it. And it's not just a bad pan or batch; I swatched it at two different stores and they were both the same. It's a formula flop. I'd be first in line to repurchase if they reformulate it to be the same colour but with the texture of the original diamond bomb.

Kathryn Mills

Okay yep I’m definitely buying the diamond bomb! Just got paid so that will be the only gift to myself for not having a mental breakdown at work for two weeks lol treat yo self 😂👌😍

Lunala T

The Fenty Wattabrat highlighter looks more like a Diamond Bomb than DB2 does. It's the superior pink glitter highlight

Ali_B_ Lush2

I LOVE the OG Diamond Bomb but it broke from the pan shortly after I got it. I swatched the new one and was not a fan of the color but the LIQUID! OMG! Will be buying it next.

Thanks for this, I have the lightning dust/fire crystal duo and I’ve been wondering about picking up either of these. They look so pretty but so different.


I’m looking to use it on the skin. Like my shoulders. Will the new one be good for that? I use the original that way.