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Everyday Essentials Brush Set Natural Makeup Tutorial | Real Techniques | TOP tin đọc nhiều.

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Apply your everyday makeup with the Real Techniques Everyday Essentials Brush Set, your one and done to master pro-styled looks! Nic shows you how to create an easy, natural makeup look using these brushes.

Discover all of the essential makeup tools you’ll need with the Everyday Essentials Brush Set. The brush set comes with four makeup brushes that offer prestige performance for covering, coloring, and blending, and our award-winning Miracle Complexion Sponge® that blends foundations for a dewy finish. For all things foundation, concealer, blush, highlighter, and shadow, this set of makeup essentials has you covered.

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41 Comement tại “Everyday Essentials Brush Set Natural Makeup Tutorial | Real Techniques – Kiến thức trang điểm đẹp”

  1. What is the price of this product in dollers

  2. I will definitely buy those 😍

  3. 喜欢你的影片 ~各位小仙女~ 大牌顶级复刻+v❤:254691237 包包👜 鞋子 衣服 手表 全球可邮寄 一定让你意想不到的满意

  4. Price in euro for this sets brush please

  5. Think I’m going to buy this set now!

  6. I have the eye brushes and bronzer brush and sponge!

  7. I bought the brushes but are not soft it’s a little bit Rough for the skin but it’s not bad still doing the job

  8. Катерина Серябкина 31/08/2020 lúc 4:46 chiều

    Вы очень похожи на Елену Ваенгу

  9. THEY ARE SO GOOD I'M SO HAPPY I BOUGHT THEM 🤗 totally recommemd them

  10. I love your brushes, and it is amazing (as English is my second language) to have the name of the brushes in it. Gratitude for that.

  11. Oh i have that set…and i really lov it…actually i love all your tools and i have a few of them!!! Huggs from Cuba 🇨🇺

  12. Actually 2nd year on college now😂 and I've always gone to university with my bare face except some mascara, brows, and lip tint or balm… and this well it helps…. been planning for quite some time now but Im indecisive so yep. 0

  13. What mascara did she use 👀

  14. My everyday look!! Seriously…. I love watching all these glam makeup videos, and then end up doing my same natural makeup routine that I've done for years (except I add either blush or bronzer on my eyelids)❤❤

  15. This is the most beginner friendly makeup video and exactly what I was looking for , I wanted to see how you can use that set of brushes for makeup and you explained perfectly, thank you!!

  16. When are you goona!!!!! launch it in indian..…. durg store outlets??????

  17. Your skin is amazing. That natural pink blush is so beautiful❤

  18. I finaly bought them in Armenia ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
    I love them

  19. 😍😍😍

  20. I bought this set at Walmart the other day and I love it!!

  21. Hello! I would like to ask if your eyeshadow brushes are hypoallergenic because I have sensitive eyes. I really want to try them! Thank you in advance.

  22. Nic—You look sooo radiant and beautiful! I love ❤️ these brushes! Love the colors change, too! Almost all of my brushes are RT. Hugs and love ❤️ to you and Sam! Xx 💋

  23. I love these brushes ❤️ what do you use to make wet the sponge?

  24. Your are Gorgeous without makeup, I like when your skin was left without powder your skin shines in a good way and it looks healthy and awake. 💗

  25. It's a great set. Your eyes look so beautiful and natural, and I think you did a beautiful job with your makeup. Much of the look had to do with the fact that you didn't put a lot of "cheap junk" on your eyes! ☺

  26. I use every single item of this set.
    I love, love, looooove this set and the colours are sooo gorgous. Thank you. 🙏🏻

  27. anyone tried the new expert face brush? is it as good as the old one or different ?

  28. This was my first brush set —- only a few weeks ago, now learning to use them. Ordered the entire set from Target.com online, for $.9.99 & received it the next day! Shipping was free cause I combined the purchase with household essentials, paper towels, laundry detergent. Delivery only 24 hours later☺Now watching as many tutorials as possible to learn techniques👌🏼🌴🌝🤹‍♀️💋

  29. I want this set but how can I purchase this

  30. does real techniques have a smaller blush/bronzer brush.. i find that that blush and multitask brush is too big on my face

  31. I bought this set of make up brush. After used for 1 time, I throw in to dust bin.

  32. does anyone know what the bronzer did she use????

  33. Amazing! I love RT!

  34. Totally unrelated to the video but her voice is so relaxing to me especially when she was focusing and got really quiet

  35. Could these brushes be made more environmentally friendly? and that thick plastic packaging is unnecessary. Otherwise nice brushes, but beauty really needs to up it's game in this way otherwise its just more consuming and being part of the problem rather than the solution!

  36. I bought this and I love it so much 💙

  37. Dose anyone else think RT change the shape of the brush of the 201 brush?

    Also who prefers the OG powder brush?

  38. I would not use drugstore brushes if I could afford Charlotte Tilbury makeup….

  39. question. I usually use a beauty blender for foundation because they are eadier to clean. Do you have to clean the foundation brush after every used or do you wipe it or anything for next time?

  40. I absolutely love your brushes, even more in the mini format. I apply my make up on the commute train every day while going to work and the mini brushes take up so little space. Please make more brushes in mini format 🙏

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