Clinique Moisture 🆕 Surge 72 Hour Hydrator VS. Moisture Surge Original Skin Fortifying Hydrator – Kiến thức về kem dưỡng ẩm

Có phải bạn đang muốn tìm chủ đề kem dưỡng ẩm clinique 72h 15ml phải không? Có phải bạn cũng đang tìm hiểu về chủ đề Clinique Moisture 🆕 Surge 72 Hour Hydrator VS. Moisture Surge Original Skin Fortifying Hydrator đúng không? Nếu đúng như vậy thì mời bạn xem bài viết về chủ đề này ngay sau đây nhé.

kem dưỡng ẩm clinique 72h 15ml – Thông tin về các loại kem dưỡng ẩm tốt nhất.

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Ngoài xem mẫu các loại kem dưỡng ẩm mà chúng tôi giới thiệu, bạn có thể tìm thấy nhiều thông tin làm đẹp hữu ích khác tại đây.

Hình ảnh liên quan đến chủ đề Clinique Moisture 🆕 Surge 72 Hour Hydrator VS. Moisture Surge Original Skin Fortifying Hydrator.

Clinique Moisture 🆕 Surge 72 Hour Hydrator VS. Moisture Surge Original Skin Fortifying Hydrator
Clinique Moisture 🆕 Surge 72 Hour Hydrator VS. Moisture Surge Original Skin Fortifying Hydrator

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Ngoài xem bài viết chủ đề kem dưỡng ẩm clinique 72h 15ml, bạn có thể xem thêm một số loại kem dưỡng ẩm khác tại đây nhé:

Clinique gần đây đã phát hành một sản phẩm Moisture Hydrator mới cho dòng sản phẩm Moisture Surge “màu hồng”. Nhận thấy những điểm tương đồng với Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortification Hydrator ban đầu, chẳng hạn như giá cả, bao bì, màu sắc và tên, tôi nghĩ sẽ rất thú vị khi so sánh cả hai để bạn biết liệu bạn có cần thay đổi bất kỳ quy trình chăm sóc da nào của mình hay không. … Giúp hỗ trợ kênh này bằng cách nhấp vào liên kết Amazon này trước khi bạn mua sắm trên Amazon –

Tìm kiếm liên quan đến Clinique Moisture 🆕 Surge 72 Hour Hydrator VS. Moisture Surge Original Skin Fortifying Hydrator.

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I found the 72 hour version works much better and I have very sensitive, very dry skin. I purchased the biggest size because I am tired of reordering so frequently. Enjoyed your review.

barbara smith

i bought one of them and it dried my skin. i returned it to ulta and they told me it wasnt good

Beryl Brown

Off topic..what works for a neck..

Lipika Routray

My skin is dry skin , what can I use it?

I get pimples when I use the 72 and the eye cream doesn't do much for me. I got the big jar and probably will use it on my body not face. I like your reviews, they're open and on point. Helped me in purchasing some good products. Thank you!


Mam can a apply this clinique moisture surge after kojic acid cream or retinol serum plzzzz replyyy really very confused……………..

Dear Dia

I had 72 hours version. I like it. You can combine it with many things, it is not heavy, very hydrating

Natalia Bobylow

Hi! Can you do a review of the My Clarins new products?

Susi Lugo

No me gusto :/ prefiero la anterior

Saroo Nayak

This product day used mam?

Saroo Nayak

Pls reply mam this product day used ??


I thought they were same lol

Tammy Vu

The original was so much better, the new one is crap

Manya Gyanchandani

Can i use this moisturiser before using tretinoin cream as a humectant ?

Helen Boula

I just purchased that Clinique surge 72 Moisture Surge 72 my last product I love it but I will buy nothing else from you

Helen Boula

I need someone from Clinique to explain to me you say sign up for free products samples but here's the catch you have to pay a certain amount of money to get free products I'm not you're not giving me nothing that's bait and switch that's wrong that's false advertisement I'm 74 years old I'm not stupid I feel sorry for you that you have to lie false advertisement to get products sold shame on you the CEO go to hell I will never buy your products ever again and I have in the past but no more I would think over the years from the time I was old enough to buy my own makeup and skin products from the Department Stores I bought Clinique any special Deluxe Yelich our boss the risers I spent a lot of money with you people and I started buying my products at 17 and I'm now I'll be 75 has been a lot of money with you people I think y'all should give me something maybe I'm wrong and maybe I'm expecting something for nothing you think I don't think so quite honestly I feel like you owe me you owe me a gift

Helen Boula

If anyone can get skin products free why would they not what is wrong with you you're not right

CoCo chanel

The way you talk doesn’t match you 🙈

Oleksandr Yadrov

thank you !!!

GoodieLogic 365

I have super re active skin and the 72 hour one stings like mad I swapped it for the mask which is great

Rand Hatem

Hey, 👋🏻❤️can you help me 🥺whichever one I choose? I have combination and very sensitive skin Moisture Surge ™ 72-Hour Auto-Replenishin or Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly

Hi, thank you for reviewing it.. I just got it as a free gift with my order from clinique.. Its a good moisturizer but every time I used it got pimples..your review helped me alot.. Keep it love love from Rma

Rare beauty blogger

As I used this range but didn't found any changes in my skin


They are too expensive for a tiny little thing, I got lucky and got it for cheap at Marshall's today

N Vd

Does it clogs your pores? I have really acne prone skin so I hope I don’t break out of this product.


Really good review. Thank you. I am so happy I discovered your channel❤️


Doesn’t work for eye puffiness? Is it for young people ?

Bashie Nashie

I appreciate honest opinions about products. I found your channel today and I subscribed.


Hi my new friends happy new year friends good video i ve sabed you chanal


Your face expressions don’t match your voice tone ever.
Nice channel though.

kawther falah

thank so much 💕

GoodieLogic 365

Thank you from the uk I’ve just ordered this 72 hrs x
Could you do a video on the difference between toners and essences please I find it so confusing x

Thank you so much


Can you please review L’Oréal hydra genius moisturizer for normal to combination skin

Nk Yadav

what moisturiser recomended would dry sensetive skin

Kayla Cooley Bodine

I love the older version & have went through a billion jars👍🏻. I had got a deluxe sized sample of the new 72hr version from Sephora & used it up. I didn’t “love” it like I thought I would & was wondering if it was just me, but know I see. Makes sense!
Btw, I wanted to ask you 2 questions real quick please ma’am. I have been meaning to ask you this for a hot hot minute BUT always get sidetracked 😊!
SO here goes :
1.) Do you think it would be feasible if I was to purchase a cpl of your containers ( from your NO BS BEAUTY shop ) & transferred { swiftly } some of my fave jar products? I would be really stealthy with it LoL!!!
2. ) Have you did a thorough ( well a NO BS 😁 ) review of Glossier’s Priming Moisturizer ( the regular in the tube & the thicker one in the jar ) by chance? I may have overlooked it on accident. However incase I didn’t overlook it & you haven’t reviewed it would you consider it?

Thank you in Advance!
Keep up the beautiful glow & awesome NO BS work!!

haru Suzuki

Don't mean to offend you
but I thought you were a news

Roberta Rohen Mendes

Hey! Love your channel. Really informative, no BS. So, I've got acne prone skin and am currently on the pill to treat it. The results are pretty amazing since I've had no outbreaks in a while now. However, due to the treatment, my skin's become rather dry, flaky and dull. Which moisturizer would you recommend for people who are undergoing acne treatment? I mean, I desperately need hydration, but I can't risk having my pores clogged and my skin covered in pimples.

Jasmin Miettunen

2:55 “… the actual urea which is kind of disgusting, it's a component of urine …”

Urea is also a naturally occurring substance found in the surface layer of our skin, and it is an active part of our natural moisturising factor, which functions to keep skin hydrated, protected and working efficiently.

Urea, often referred to as carbamide, is an organic crystalline compound and the main nitrogenous breakdown product of protein metabolism. In other words, it’s waste produced by the body after it metabolises protein.

The main component of urine is H2O, yet we happily cover our entire body in water daily. I don't want to sound like a condescending smartass, but I thought it appropriate to take a no bs approach to my comment, lol

Momma Haillie

Is the original still available?

ivanete roark

Hi Sarah, I have had melasma for a while and thank heavens it is getting better, do you have a recommendation for a cleanser? But don’t stop there, anything you believe it would help, when comes to melasma my only criteria is , does it work? Trust your opinion, thanks

Young at Heart

I really don't like Clinique products period !