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review the song of achilles – Video review son môi dành cho bạn.

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Book Review | The Song of Achilles
Book Review | The Song of Achilles

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Đây là suy nghĩ của tôi về Bài hát của Achilles của Madeline Miller! Bạn đã kiểm tra cái này chưa? Suy nghĩ của bạn là gì ?! Để lại cho họ trong các ý kiến!.

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Adam Molyneaux

"She must've done a lot of research" BISH SHE'S A CLASSICIST lol

Slavic Aussie

So this makes people cry but those people also say The Iliad was really good, I find it really boring. Doubt this'll make me cry, I'm gonna go through this or The Odyssey when I finish The Iliad.


I came to this book thinking it was the same as the movie and it shock me when the romance hits between achilles and patroclus. Im a straight guy and enjoyed every bit of it.


I loved this novel as well. I got to meet Madeline Miller and get my photo taken with her when she was promoting CIRCE. A very accurate review.

Mcdonalds Sprite

I cant even type properly from how good this book is

Mcdonalds Sprite

Never read a better book in my lifw

Kainat Zehra

Finished reading it half an hour ago. I still lay in a pool of tears. Devastated beyond words, beyond measure. :')


Questionnnn: Why it the title called “The song of Achillies”? , is there a meaning to the title?
(Haven’t read it ,friend recommended it and I decided to check reviews before reading :D)

Lei Valle

This books is a masterpiece


I read through the book in a few hours and I enjoyed every minute of it. I knew how it would end and yet it totally shook me. The relationship between the two and how it blossoms over the years made my heart burst.


I'm halfway through this book and I'm loving it!! Great review! I love Greek mythology and the story of Achilles ( He's my favourite Greek hero) and im so impressed with how accurate and beautiful this story is!

RØØø Arkham

Finished this book. 5 stars. Patroclus resonated with me in a lot of ways and it was a smart move from Madeline Miller to tell this Homer-legacy of an epic in the perspective of Patroclus. I was so moved by it, it made me love Achilles and Patroclus even more. They're one of my favorite characters in the entire Greek mythology, and their relationship was so pure, so human, bound to fail in every step of the way, but it's just so true and powerful.

Patroclus was, indeed and obviously, an everyman. He was a prince, but exiled, and is just ordinary. He was an outcast, introverted, and I found some sort of comfort in his personality, in his character. That's the most striking thing about Patroclus because he was never a violent person, he's quite, compassinlonate and a very gentle guy. I was also heartbroken and at the same time I lament with Achilles' loss, it was so mad that no amount of existential deaths portrayed in any story can surpass Achilles' grief. Patroclus was indeed Achilles' song unsung. ❤ And I'm super relieved that Patroclus and Achilles reunited in the afterlife. I thought they're not gonna be together in the end because I'd be soooo pisseeedddd.

I really commend Madeline Miller's take on Homer's Iliad. I loved the Iliad when I was a child and I am glad I didn't regret reading this re-telling of the story. Much love to her!


Loved the novel so much, so glad I read it.


Literally the best book ever, I’m so glad I read it.


Literally the best book ever, I’m so glad I read it.


Literally the best book ever, I’m so glad I read it. And I don’t know why would you like Achilles mother.


I will never re-read this book. NEVER. F*** you, Madeline Miller!! MY FEELINGS

However, I plan to re-read her book Circe every two years cos it's as good or better AND doesn't always fill me with Gay Despair.

Alain LaVerdiere

Much enjoyed this book. The author had a great follow up with Circe. I recommend both and suggest a look at M. Atwood’s ‘Penelopaid’. All three are a treat to read and audio versions are excellent company. Thx for the review and the post. A. LaVerdiere Calgary, Canada 🇨🇦


Thank you for this review. I couldn't wait to read this, but at 1/3 of the way, I'm getting bored and honestly my head is spinning with all the gods (I have zero knowledge of Greek mythology). Your review made me want to pick it up again and stick it out!

Joey Perticone


Noei Dee

I loved this book. Initially I had difficulty in finishing it as the prophesy was mentioned in the first few portions of the book and you are kind of primed that it will not be a happy ending. But, I was rewarded by finishing it because in their world the dead can be reunited with their significant other in the afterlife so it’s kind of a happy ending of some sort.

Natalia González

he must have huge arms after holding the book up for the whole video.

M Fritz

Literally in tears through the second half

Gabriel Ban

I agree with everything you said about this book and cried when i finished reading it.

Jennie Evans

Reading it right now and I think you are right. The writing style is so great and straight forward.

Buyelani Msweli

🌟 🌟 🌟🌟🌟

Daniela Torres

Alex Stark

That looks like a hardcover. I really want to get this book in hardcover but Amazon has paperback, library binding and also "unknown binding". Does anyone know what unknown binding is? Could it be a hardcover? Thanks so much!

Denisse Ramirez

I had this book in my kindle for so long and I thought that it was just a typical mythology book. It was a good read but I was kind of underwhelmed by the ending for some reason haha. The story was good and v engrossing overall (read it in just a day lol) I thought that I would bawl like a baby but no 🤣

Emina S

What an excellent review! I loved this story and am not a classics connoisseur but recommend it and rave about it to all my reader friends! Funnily, i kept checking how many minutes of the video were left because you kept listing pros and wondered when you'd get to the cons (what cons, lol)! I agree with all the things you've said and found it interesting that you liked the portrayal of Thetis from you POV of having studied her and other gods! Many people just love to hate on her, but she's quite complex. I was interested how you felt at the end, were you at all depressed? I was devastated, no joke…had to look up articles on how to cope with grief over fictional characters!

prakash yadav

Silence of the girls by patt baker is another amazing narration of trozan wars from the perspective of Bresies.

Joey Summers

I really enjoyed this book. The character of Achilles resonates alot with me and the ending had me tearing up. Can't wait to reread it one day! A classic love story

Dan Ivy