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CHÚC CÁC BÉ! Cùng thưởng thức video này về BÀN CHẢI MỸ PHẨM BH MỸ PHẨM VÀ PALETTE, hẹn gặp lại các bạn trong video tiếp theo 😘 GODBLESS ♥ ️ BH COSMETICS: LAVISH ELEGANCE BRUSHES: ULTIMATE MATTE PALETTE: #bhcosmetics #bhbrushes #bhpalette

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cọ trang điểm bh cosmetics tại
cọ trang điểm bh cosmetics

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كوولش 💏 حبيت

Priscilla Swakei

Wow they look soo pretty and amazingly affordable. Love your tshirt. The palette is also look wow

Destiny Phillips

Ive been in the market for some new brushes so this video was helpful!! Thanks! New Subbie here and can't wait to see more!! ♥️


Just bought these brushes I'm excited to use them.

Happy Mommy Vlogs

Simply amazing.
I loved your eye makeup.
Just joined your friend, I hope you will joined me back. 🤝😇😊

Zahra 6104

i dont know buy this bruah set or not?. pls help me, I'm an amateur

Angelimar Lopez

Ahhhhh I literally JUST got that palette in the mail today!!! I’m so excited to dig into it! I got my first brush set from them not too long ago and they’re my current faves because YES THEY ARE SO SOFT!!! & OMG YOUR NEW FAM MEMBERS ARE SO ADORABLE!!!!! 😭😭😭😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️

Saram Dominguez

Ur hair looks amazing i love the cut

Super Fun Toys

Nice video, thanks for sharing. I hope we can be friends 😍

Citlalli Rodriguez

Love the video, you should do more tutorials with the palette; I just purchased it and need ideas to create some looks

Fee-Bee Rome

love your makeup you look beautiful. i really like bh cosmetics

Johanna Sofia

Love your eye look & lip color!! 😊💕 So pretty!!! 😊

Ivory Cherry

I LOVE BH cosmetics. they always have things on sale and the quality is always sooo bomb. So far everything I get from them is a hit. you look beautiful rose!

Lorna Thomson

I'm starting to love BH even more lately😁

Awesome video thx for sharing
ur nw fn
Stay connected

Like 33.. You look so gorgeous sweetie.. I just subbed your channel.. I hope you visit mine to.. Let's support each other to grow on YouTube.. Stay connected

Nicole Rodriguez

Great video 💖💖

can we talk about that shirt 😍😄😄😄 I love it. Where did u get it? You should do a lookbook. I'm going to do a spring lookbook soon. I love Bh cosmetics. I have a couple of their palettes. I still have their old school 120 palette. I really want to get their brazil palette.


i was considering to buy it or not🤔 the brushes looks beautiful, 😍

Christie Valdez


Krystal Ryan

I just did a big purchase from BH Cosmetics and the palette you got was way better lol. I should have bought that one because its so colorful. Mine was very neutral and boring. I can't handle animals lol I would have needed a month break 😂

Lina Tat

I love bh!!! Great video 😁


Yes!!! I’ve seen this set of brushes and I always wondered how they performed! So thank you so much for sharing😊 Love the palette as well! You can definitely create so many looks. Thumbs up love💗

Jessica E. Thomas

I love all matte looks. Well done. ❤️ I’m going to check out this brush set!

I've heard good things about the bh cosmetics brushes and of course they're super pretty!

That is a great deal and I’ve never tried BH cosmetics brushes. And You are a blending queen so I am going to get them😁😁😁

My kids want pets so bad… but we have such a small space but I want them a little older so they can helps take care of them

Mel Honeyyy

I love bh so muchhhhhh


OMG yasss love your t shirt! lol Love BH brushes and this matte palette is beautiful! OMG new members to the family!! Love the look you created!